Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Some Montana Green Party Nominees File Federal Lawsuit To Get Party Back on the Ballot

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On August 11, some Montana Green Party nominees filed a federal lawsuit to get themselves and their party back on the Montana general election ballot. The party was removed last week by a state trial court. The plaintiff-candidates are Gary Marbut, running for State Senate; and Royal Davis, running for Attorney General. Davis v Stapleton, 6:20cv-62. The case is assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Dana L. Christensen, an Obama appointee. Here is the Complaint.

The party was removed because even though it had enough signatures statewide, it lacked enough signatures in one legislative district. The new federal lawsuit does not complain about the unequal distribution requirement. The Montana Green Party has a separate lawsuit pending in the Ninth Circuit against the distribution requirement.

The Montana Green Party had its own primary this year before it had been removed from the ballot. The new lawsuit depends on due process, and on concern for the voting rights of the voters who voted in the Green Party primary this year. Thanks to Rick Hasen for this news.

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