Thursday, August 27, 2020

No Statewide Minor Party or Independent Presidential Petitions Succeeded in Nevada This Year

Ballot Access News

Nevada requires 9,608 signatures for a new party, or an independent presidential candidate. No candidate or group submitted a petition in Nevada that would have added a presidential candidate to the ballot.

The qualified parties in Nevada are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Constitution. The Green Party had been planning to sue, because Nevada only requires 250 signatures for a statewide independent candidate for office other than president. The U.S. Supreme Court decision Anderson v Celebrezze says states should be more lenient for president than for other office. The proposed Nevada lawsuit would have been similar to the winning 2020 lawsuit against the District of Columbia ballot access law, which had a similar flaw (D.C.. required 250 signatures for all district-wide partisan office except president, but approximately 5,000 for president). But the Green Party was never able to find an in-state attorney in Nevada. It is possible the case will still be filed, for declaratory judgment, but it is too late to expect any court to grant injunctive relief.

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