Sunday, August 23, 2020

Louisiana Will Have Fourteen Presidential Candidates on Ballot

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Louisiana has five ballot-qualified parties: Republican, Democratic, Independent, Libertarian, and Green. Louisiana allows independent presidential candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, to be on the ballot by paying a fee of $500. Ten presidential candidates used the filing fee method: the nominees of the Constitution, Socialism & Liberation, Socialist Workers, American Solidarity, and Unity Parties; and independents Jade Simmons, R. Boddie, Kanye West, Brock Pierce, and Tom Hoefling.

The Secretary of State has posted a candidate list at his website, although it doesn’t yet have the presidential nominees of any qualified parties, except for the Libertarian Party. The Independent Party is not expected to have a presidential nominee. Use this link. For president, choose “presidential electors” and use the button at the top to get the results. Thanks to Joshua Fauver for the link.

By coincidence, the 2020 Louisiana Democratic presidential primary also had fourteen candidates on the ballot.

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