Wednesday, August 19, 2020

David Zuckerman Wins Vermont Progressive Party Gubernatorial Nomination by Write-in Votes

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David Zuckerman will appear on the Vermont November ballot as a gubernatorial candidate. His ballot label will be “Progressive/Democratic.” Vermont permits fusion. The first-listed party on the ballot tells the voters that Zuckerman is a member of the Progressive Party. The Democratic Party label, which follows the word “Progressive”, tells voters that he also has the Democratic nomination. He is the current Lieutenant Governor.

Party membership in Vermont is nebulous, because Vermont does not have registration by party.

In order to win the Progressive Party nomination, Zuckerman had to depend on write-in votes. State law does not allow his name to be printed on the ballot of more than one party, and he chose to be listed in the Democratic primary. He won the Democratic nomination at the August 11 primary, polling slightly over 50% in a 4-candidate field.

The vote in the Progressive primary was: Zuckerman 273 write-ins; and these two ballot-listed candidates: Cris Ericson, 254 votes; and Boots Wardinski, 239 votes.

In order to win the general election, Zuckerman will need to defeat incumbent Phil Scott, a Republican.

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