Sunday, August 16, 2020

American Independent Party Nominates Rocky De La Fuente for President and Kanye West for Vice-President

Ballot Access News

On August 15, the American Independent Party, which exists only in California, held its state convention. It nominated presidential electors pledged to Rocky De La Fuente for president, and Kanye West for vice-president. The meeting was electronic with approximately 20 participants. The vote was unanimous, except for one abstention.

There is no law in California requiring general election presidential and vice-presidential candidates to assent to their nomination by a ballot-qualified party. The party had reached out to Kanye West in the past week, but could not reach him. De La Fuente, of course, had sought the party’s nomination and had placed second in the party’s March 2020 presidential primary.


Justice Apash said...

Should have just nominated Kanye West as President then they would be getting massive publicity and Kanye West is closer to the AIP platform.

NewFederalist said...

Did Darcy Richardson withdraw as Rocky's running mate in other states? It was reported he was going to do so but I've not seen any confirmation that he has.