Thursday, July 30, 2020

Party for Socialism & Liberation Will Place Presidential Nominee on Illinois Ballot

The Party for Socialism and Liberation presidential nominee, Gloria La Riva, will appear on the Illinois ballot this year. This is the first time a party with “socialist” or “socialism” has been on the ballot for president in Illinois since 1992, when the Socialist Workers Party was on. La Riva submitted approximately 4,500 signatures. The legal requirement is 2,500.
Monday, July 27, was the deadline for challenges, and no one challenged the PSL petition.
The Illinois State Board of Elections website is confusing. If a petition is submitted with a number of raw signatures below 10% of the requirement, the State Board removes the person on its own initiative, yet the Board still posts the names of candidates who file such inadequate petitions. The Board’s website lists Kyle Kopitke and Don Blankenship as presidential candidates who were not challenged, but both of them have already received a letter rejecting their candidacy because they had fewer than 250 signatures, so they will not be on the ballot, notwithstanding their being listed on the Board’s website.
The American Solidarity Party submitted a presidential petition for its nominee, Brian Carroll. It has more than 250 signatures, and no one challenged it, so Carroll will also be on the ballot.
Kanye West submitted approximately 4,000 signatures, but he is being challenged. The challenge process will proceed in August.
The Libertarian and Green Parties did not need to petition for president, due to having won a court case.

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