Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Five Presidential Petitions Filed in Illinois, but Blankenship Petition Already Rejected

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On July 20, the deadline for minor party and independent petitions in Illinois, five petitions were submitted for president: Kanye West as an independent; Kyle Kopitke as an independent; the Party for Socialism and Liberation; the Constitution Party; and the American Solidarity Party.
UPDATE: the petition for Don Blankenship for President has been removed from the Illinois State Board of Elections list, almost certainly becaues it did not have at least 250 signatures. Illinois State Board of Elections officials, for several years now, have been automatically rejecting petitions that don’t have at least 10% of the requirement. The requirement this year for president is 2,500 signatures.
Here is the list of petitioning candidates from the State Board of Elections. The list will be amended later to list the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian candidates for president, and the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate. They didn’t need to petition.
The Constitution Party petition for U.S. Senate, for Chad Koppie, is listed. All of the petitions are subject to challenge. The challenge must be filed no later than Monday, July 27. For U.S. House, the only minor party that submitted any petitions is the Libertarian Party, which has three candidates. The Green Party candidate listed for the Fifth District did not need to petition. There are three independents for U.S. House.


Dee Malenke said...

Will the alliance party presidential candidate get on the ballot in Illinois

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Illinois State Board of Elections Restores Don Blankenship to the List of Presidential Candidates