Sunday, June 21, 2020

Constitution Party of Illinois Disaffiliates, Disassociates & Dissolves

*** We interrupt the radio silence for a very important message ***
June 20, 2020

Dear (National Committee Member),

For the past 2 years, my heart has been broken and aching for the party that I once called home.

It started when the national chairman either unwittingly or knowingly facilitated a Republican coup of the Constitution Party of South Dakota, evidenced by the fact that the faction known as the Hubbel faction showed up to the National Committee to be the official affiliate of the national party despite being registered Republicans.

Since you are receiving this message, it is likely that you also received the petition from Ricardo Davis requesting an emergency National Committee Meeting to deal with the Constitution Party’s nomination of a candidate who does not seem to hold the values and principles of the Constitution Party as enumerated in the party’s platform.  At first, I had the inclination to call your attention to the facts.  However, Ricardo has the facts laid out well in the petition and as I discovered in dealing with the issues in South Dakota, the facts do not matter.

A resolution was passed in 1998 (that has never been rescinded) that provides one exceptionally important mandate – The National Committee “shall not endorse or distribute, allocate, contribute to or solicit funds for, or support in any way whatsoever, any candidate…”   YET, the national leadership says, “The Convention has spoken and there’s nothing we can do about it, now.”

The National Party itself is demonstrably compromised, with the national leadership and the national committee members unwilling to uphold the party’s Constitution, Bylaws, and the values and principles enumerated in the Platform.  Consequently, continued association with such a party is untenable.

Therefore, the Constitution Party of Illinois has disaffiliated and disassociated from the National Party and has dissolved its state organization, effective immediately.

Contrary to the postulation of those who have disparaged my character, there are those of you whom I love and appreciate.  It is because of you that this separation is poignantly sad and painful.  But know this – God is still calling, and there is still a battle to the fight.  Know this as well:

I leave you with this thought from Joshua 24:15

But if it is unpleasing in your sight to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!

Randall C. Stufflebeam
*** We now return you back to radio silence ***
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FWW said...

I wonder whether Barking Blazek caught COVID-19. What? No more ad hominem attacks against Stufflebeam? If this keeps up, Fo'man Fluckiger's may have to put ol' Blazek down. He sho' ain't earning his Purina.

National CP is silent on the loss of Illinois and Texas. Georgia is considering leaving; so too is West Virginia and a few other states as well. Things're fine? No, they're not. So, it's either Oz, or it's Monthy Python.

Black Knight" "'tis but a scratch."

Oz: "Pay no attention to the the loss of Texas, Illinois, maybe Georgia and maybe West Virginia behind the curtain!"

NewFederalist said...

Just where will these state parties go? L&L?

FWW said...

@ New Federalist. I do not know.

CP-Idaho is a separate sovereign ballot qualified state party. So, we stand on our own. That said, in times and circumstances such as these, I am certain Idaho would be willing to extend a generous hand of comradeship to these disaffiliating parties, and explore whether a new national league might be forged...but in all honesty, that would most likely be a forward looking project; not immediate.

I have yet to see circumstances that would allow a league to happen this election because there is so little time remaining. The only option may well be what you alluded to--regroup under L&L in 2020. At least that has some nominal framework up.

National CP is reaping now what it has sown.

Justice Apash said...

Does anyone have a copy of Richardo Davis' petition that can be posted here? Let me give some background about myself. The first presidential election I ever voted in was in 2008 (I was 20 years old). I voted for Chuck Baldwin. In late 2007 and in early 2008, I started to read Chuck Baldwin columns. I actually found out about Chuck Baldwin through the Ron Paul movement. Although my politics have shifted since then and I am centrist, seeing the CP implode like this is heartbreaking. Especially now when the duopoly comes up with nominees like Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It might be too late for this election but I hope afterwards people like Jim Clymer can help fix the issues that led to this. If not I wish the best for Life and Liberty Party. My hope is that the AIP of California, CP of Oregon, CP of Virginia, CP of Alaska, CP of Texas, CP of NM ,etc (hard to keep track of every state party) can join forces somehow.

Jeff Becker said...

You make a good point about coming together under a new banner. I have been telling people for a long time that "constitution" was a poor choice of party name. Democrats, Greens, and everybody else on the left says they support it, but all interpret it differently. As we are now seeing from destroyed monuments, we are living in a nation of historical illiterates. Products of the public fool system. Any message that can't be put into a ten second sound bite, it gets ignored. A name like "Life and Liberty" which hopefully can have a laser-focused objective/mission statement stands a better chance of getting traction. K.I.S.S.

FWW said...

"everybody else on the left says they support it, but all interpret it differently."

True enough, Mr. Becker. Every bill that has come out of the US House of Representatives since 2011 has been "constitutional"--at least that's what they say:

"Clause 7 of Rule XII requires that each bill or joint resolution introduced in the House be accompanied by a Constitutional Authority Statement citing the power(s) granted to Congress in the Constitution to enact the proposed law."

FWW said...

"seeing the CP implode like this is heartbreaking."

I take a more dispassionate view as an observer. It merely verifies once more cause and effect of saying one thing and doing another, of hidden back room manipulations of process.

Even Scriptures [Luke 12:2] tell us that "Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known."

The national CP has been grossly operated as an exclusive social club, almost in a caste system. Their thumb has always been firmly laid upon the scales to keep their inequitable and classist construction. It has been immature, childish, sophomoric. More a recreational outlet for the elite insiders than a functional political assembly. A vanity, as it were.

Justice Apash said...

When did the national CP become an exclusive social club? Was it like that from the beginning? In 2008 when I found out about the Constitution Party there was talks from the Alan Keyes campaign that the process was rigged. I remember Howard Phillips making a speech blasting Alan Keyes as worse than the Republican and Democratic candidates during the nomination process. I supported Chuck Baldwin and wanted him to win the nomination. However it was improper for Howard Phillips or anyone else in the national committee during the nomination process to speak out like this. It was unnecessary as Chuck Baldwin ended up winning 75% of the delegates and the speech played into the perception that the results were pre-decided.

FWW said...

"Was it like that from the beginning?"

To be honest? Yeah, pretty much. Your anecdotal example speaks to that.

Again, the party is upside down. As it is now and has been forever, the executive is the authoritarian initiator and decider of all things...when in reality it is supposed to be subordinate to the respective state affiliates through their elected national committeemen.

A democratic process does not exist (even though it is supposedly guaranteed); nor does a process in which the rights of the minority (or really even the majority rights) are protected (though these are the very foundation of a republican parliamentary body).

You cannot trust them. In no manner whatsoever is their word their bond, euphemistically put. But yeah. It's always been that way.

"Insular" would be term, I suppose--and yes, a number of other terms apply; but decorum constrains me.

Mike said...

It is sad to see. Truth of the matter is however that unless American voters repent and turn back to God those elected will continue to be those who believe they are above the law.. THIS IS A SPIRITUAL PROBLEM. God will not bless a people with discernment and wisdom when they are in full blown rebellion against His word. Those who believe a political savior is possible hope in vain and according to God's word are idolaters.
REPENT! PRAY! Seek the Lord while he may be found.
Mike Warner
Former Tennessee State CP Chairman