Saturday, June 27, 2020

Life & Liberty Party Presidential Ticket Emerges

The Life & Liberty Party successfully concluded its first national Presidential Nominating Convention via Zoom today, 6/27/2020.

Items of business included adoption of bylaws and affirmation of officers, adoption of an official platform and the selection of a Presidential ticket.  Emerging from this convention is the Myers/Lusk ticket. Delegates were excited to be part of this historic convention, and all are excited to build the Life & Liberty Party and carry its message of Freedom forward.  Seven states were represented. There were three candidates vying for the VP slot. Tiara Lusk emerged on the first ballot with 71%.

Our U.S. Senate candidate in Idaho, Ray Writz spoke. A special guest, Jordan Page from Washington State, gave a musical video tribute to the Life & Liberty Party convention and a performance. A platform plank Opposing the convening of an Article V Constitutional Convention was passed. The L&LP currently has 5 candidates, the national ticket of Myers(MT)/Lusk(ID), two Idaho congressional races, as well as a county commission candidate in Colorado. 

Seven states were represented: Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Montana and North Carolina.

Tiara Lusk


kevin said...

Who represented North Carolina and are you trying to get on the ballot in NC?

Krzysztof Lesiak said...

Honestly, J.R. Myers is better than the current "big five" (soon to be "big four") presidential candidates (duopoly, Jorgensen, Hawkins and Blankenship). Good luck to him and his running mate in their campaign.

And that's awesome to hear that Jordan Page gave a musical tribute to the party. I always appreciated his music since I found out about him through his involvement in the Ron Paul Revolution. Is there a video of his performance for the convention?

Justice Apash said...

The national Constitution Party seems to be imploding. Don Blankenship is not really campaigning (correct me if I am wrong but he hasn't even held a live Q&A townhall session which even the Reform Party candidates have done). It is possible that Life and Liberty Party could get more votes than Don Blankenship depending on how many affiliates they can get. Unlikely but possible. Now the one big issue I have with JR Myers is his Universal debt Jubilee concept. Never mind how to get all the banks to agree, it will be a disaster if implemented.
Jubilees in ancient Israel worked because it was limited to a small nation and the society had it built into the economy because it happened every 50 years. On a global scale it would cause:
1. Runaway inflation. Governments and banks will have to create money out of thin air to cover the debts. You could say the Federal Reserve does the same thing regularly but a global Jubilee would cause every nation to experience what Germany faced in the 1920s and what Zimbabwe faced in 2007.
2. Reckless spending: In ancient Israel because it happened every 50 years it restrained how much debt can be given and received. Today a universal Jubilee would encourage the type of reckless spending and lending that got many nations into debt and which created the college bubble in the first place. Maybe if the Jubilee was periodic it could work and people know it would happen ahead of time it could work but a one-time event and it being unexpected would reward those nations who spent like no tomorrow. I know that some nations run up a debt because they had a CIA backed dictatorship or because the U.S. intervened and caused massive damage. In those cases a debt cancellation could occur as compensation but it should be done on a case-by-case basis not on a universal scale.

Glen Schwarz said...

I am Glen Schwarz, an elector for Life and Liberty Party in Arkansas. We need 5 more citizens to step forward for this important job! Contact JR or me here in state at 501-568-1598. The deadline for filing 6 electors is July 8, 2020.

Also I will be running for Little Rock City Director at-large in the Fall election. Give me some love!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Krzysztof Lesiak comments, J.R. Meyers is better than other three minor party candidates. We need more Presidential Electors in Colorado soon. Need total of Nine Deadline is August 5th 2020. J.R. has done allot for the community than current candidates running for US President.

Anonymous said...

Glen Schwarz the deadline for electors in Arkansas under our party label is actually in September but need to get them asap.

Lori said...

Krzysztof Lesiak, Jordan Page's video is up on the party's website now.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, If their is an existing state party that will allow J.R. to compete for their nomination, I am sure he would be interested.