Saturday, May 2, 2020

Virginia Constitution Party Rejects Nomination of Blankenship, Wants Libertarian Justin Amash To Be Its Presidential Candidate

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Anonymous said...

Yeah the national CP faces an uphill battle this year. I will be very surprised if Don Blankenship gets more than 120,000 votes (I would have made this prediction even if there was no Coronavirus). This is because of the accumulation of damage due to disunity: In 2006, the national CP decided that they could not interfere with the internal affairs of a state party even if the chairman had a view contrary to the national CP platform. Lots of state affiliates left because of this. Recently they lost state affiliates for the opposite reason. Now the National CP is losing affiliates because they interfered in South Dakota.

John - CP MO said...
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John - CP MO said...

LOL @ anonymous. That lends credibility to your reply.

I'm surprised you didn't read Mr Bloom's press release with a more careful eye. (or not).

Besides being inaccurate, his reference to S.D. was completely irrelevant to the subject of the press release.

And, his cry to the media to help "stop this FAKE Political Party" conveniently ignores that he had just voted to have his state "Re-Affiliate" with said party.

If the national party leadership are all 'frauds', what would that make Mr Bloom for seeking approval of his affiliation request?

And, not only is his closing claim that "the Constitution Party failed to nominate a constitutional candidate" pure flummery and personal opinion, it demonstrates complete hypocrisy; given that he had personally declared that his party would NOT support the constitutional process of nominating a candidate for POTUS if that process resulted in the nomination of Don Blankenship.

Mr Bloom sought to 'dictate' to the National Party who they could, and could not, nominate and who his state would, and would not, support.

Although Mr Bloom, by referring to himself in third person and declaring himself to be a man of Integrity, did provide entertainment.

Once again, this forum has demonstrated that it loves fodder but isn't as much interested in actual news and honest information.

CP of MO