Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Stufflebeam Resigns As CP Midwestern Regional Chairman

The following letter was sent out by Randy Stufflebeam early this morning of 5/26/2020.

Dear (CP National Committee Member)

Randy Stufflebeam here.

Nearly 17 years ago  I found out about the Constitution Party and immediately considered it my new political home.  It was shortly after I retired from the Marine Corps in 2003 that I discovered what I consider a betrayal of my service by the two major parties. I was so excited to have joined the Constitution Party and have never looked back.

In 2004, I helped organize the Constitution Party of Illinois as Vice-Chairman.  In 2005, I became the chairman.  In 2006, I ran for Governor and received nearly 20,000 officially recorded votes as a write-in candidate.  I was also appointed as Regional Chairman in that same year by then Chairman Clymer.

In 2010, I ran for U.S. Senate.   We delivered around 38,000 signatures for a requirement of 25,000.  About 85% or more of the signatures were gotten by an all-volunteer force.  With the Republicans having spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars, they were able to keep us off the ballot by 65 signatures.

For years, I stated, "The Constitution Party was the last great political hope for this country."  I honestly believed it.  But with the current condition of the party I no longer hold on to that belief.  My heart is heavy and grieved.

It's been almost 2 years since I spoke up and made a strong case against the National Constitution Party Chairman and other officers of the party whose actions violated the Constitution, and Bylaws.  In 2018, their actions caused great turmoil and created chaos for the Constitution Party of South Dakota which caused that state affiliate to lose their ballot access which was gained through a lawsuit against the state.  These actions included allegations that were levied against Lori Stacey (the elected State Chairperson for South Dakota) that were subsequently proven to be false, yet left to stand.

I was very meticulous in gathering evidence on what happened in South Dakota and demonstrated that my desire was to right a wrong and had nothing to do with a personal issue.  Tragically, few of the National Committee members checked out the evidence that I provided, nor did the Committee take the necessary and appropriate action to correct the situation.

This lack of accountability has permitted these officers to carry on violating the Party’s Constitution and Bylaws and continues even to this day.  Case in Point:  On the Executive Committee Conference Call that took place on Thursday, May 14, 2020, the chairman and others were discussing ways in which they could circumvent the decision of the Constitution Party of New Mexico’s State Convention to nominate a candidate other than the national nominee, Don Blankenship.  Their discussion demonstrated that the National Executive Committee felt justified in interfering with the internal affairs of the State Organization of New Mexico. It was South Dakota all over again.

Further, even though the bylaws state very clearly those elected as officers during the Spring National Committee Meeting would not be seated until the Fall National Committee Meeting, the National Chairman, Frank Fluckiger, directed the newly elected Midwestern Regional Chairman and Vice-Chairman to manage all the states within the  Region, relegating me to the state of Illinois.  This usurpation of Regional Authority by the National Chairman and the newly elected Midwestern Regional chairmen, with the enabling of the National Executive Committee is despicable, disrespectful, and divisive.

While I respect and admire the members of the National Committee and feel that they are honorable men and women, I also feel that they have become complacent with and failed to hold the National Executive Committee accountable as directed by our Bylaws. Consequently, this has emboldened those officers to act on their own accord with impunity.

As such, I can no longer be associated with such blatant corruption that spoils the good name that the Constitution Party once represented.  It would be an understatement to say that I am gravely disappointed and deeply saddened by the National Constitution Party. It is my hope that my resignation may be a trigger to the National Committee members to wake up and realize that they need to take back control over the party and to ensure that its officers understand that they are here to serve the party, not control it.

Therefore, I am officially resigning as the Midwestern Regional Chairman of the National Constitution Party.

I am retaining my National Committeeman status as a representative and chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois.

Sincerely, Yours in LIBERTY!
Randy Stufflebeam
If you have any interest in checking out what really happened to the Constitution Party of South Dakota, you can click on the following link:
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John - CP MO said...

I find it most fascinating that this resignation went public before the majority of the National Committee even had time to see it.

This is not unlike his previous resignation which went public (on this same forum) before Mr Stufflebeam had decided to tender it.

What isn't mentioned in the announcement is that Randy Stufflebeam had run for National Party Chairman and was rejected, did not run for reelection as Regional Chairman, and had only a few months left to serve.

Sadly, Mr Stufflebeam's letter of resignation is full of half truths, personal opinion and misrepresentation of the facts. Worse, due to the nature of this forum, the truth is unlikely to see the light of day. Only the gossip and innuendo seem to make it to this forum.

The resignation is sour-grapes from someone who over played his hand on multiple occasions, has previously threatened to resign with a scorched earth letter, and has been thrice rejected by the entire National Committee in a bid for National Chairman.

News, this is not.
But it does make for great gossip and fodder.
Belly up to the bar, slop is served.

CP of MO

NewFederalist said...

Seems to me the CP airs a lot of dirty laundry in public.

FWW said...

So Blazek’s back to trolling the bull'vard in the red light district. Looking for fortune in all the wrong places.

Laying on the horn is no way to get a date, but hey. That's his thing. Here. Some background music to cover up his blowing (the thought of which is repulsive enough):

“Nothing could be finer
Than to be a reform maligner
In the maw-a-a-orn-in!

Nothing could be sweeter
Than to be an ad hominem repeater
In the maw-a-a-orn-in..."

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

John - CP MO: Whom do you think will be the new Midwestern Regional Chairman?

FWW said...

Here, Bertocchi. After all I have to my ASPCA kindness credentials current:

National Officers
Chairman – Jim Clymer (PA)
Vice-Chairman – Doug Aden (CO)
Treasurer – Gerry Kilpatrick
Secretary – Paula Hospelhorn (AZ)

Region Chairmen and Co-Chairmen
Eastern Region
Chairman – Dave Kopacz (MA) Co-Chairman – Nicholas Sumbles (MD)

Southern Region
Chairman – Thom Holmes (OK) Co-Chairman (NC) – Kevin Hayes

Midwestern Region
Chairman - John Blazek (MO) Co-Chairman – Matthew Shepard (MI)

Western Region
Chairman – Janine Hansen (NV) Co-Chairman – Kirk Pearson (UT)

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Thank you.

John - CP MO said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John - CP MO said...

NewFederalist said...

"Seems to me the CP airs a lot of dirty laundry in public."

I don't disagree that a lot of dirty laundry gets aired.

I submit that it is disgruntled malcontents (like JR Myers who posted Randy's previous resignation without authorization) and outsiders with no affiliation (like FWW who just answered a question which was not directed to him - thereby "trolling the bull'vard in the red light district looking for a date").

To wit: 'the party' didn't submit Randy's resignation to this forum. Yet it certainly made it here with God Speed. And who would write such a scathing resignation, unless it was someone who wanted scorched earth as a result?

The intention of the word choices seems clearly connected with the outcome of it being posted here so quickly.

That cannot reasonably be called "the party airing dirty laundry".
It is looks far more like intentional sabotage by someone with malicious intent.

-just sayin.

John Blazek
CP of MO

FWW said...

"The intention of the word choices seems clearly connected with the outcome of it being posted here so quickly."

Say, wuh?

Blazek...Mensa candidate.

FWW said...

"FWW who just answered a question which was not directed to him"

If I was a gambling man, I would have wagered a 100 G's that you would get your panties in a bunch over it, Blazek.

But, like I said, I was just keeping my ASPCA kindness credentials current.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

What's the latest news regarding Constitution Party ballot access?

John - CP MO said...


It's a good thing you aren't a betting man. You'd have lost the wager.

I merely found it amusing that while you were 'trolling' this thread, for which you have no affiliation, you accused me of trolling the thread.

I knew why you rushed to respond. It was amusingly childish. I actually laughed.
You're obsessed with the national party and can't resist any opportunity to insert yourself squarely in the middle.

You're welcome to respond again. Which you will, because you can't resist and you need to have the last word.. which you just demonstrated twice over! LOL

By the way, I enjoyed reading your fairly good response to Ms Samm Tittle. The parts of it that were relevant were spot on. The rest was.. well... just you.

FWW said...

Blazek, are you going to answer Bertocchi or not?

The longer you bark, (1) the more your incompetence becomes obvious, and (2) the more cogent and timely my kind reply to the gentleman was.

You seem incapable of straight answers. Maybe you ain't; and probably that's what's wrong with you. But I digress.

Alas! Poor Bertocchi!

Must he wait until his death bed on the other side of 100 years in age before you'd get around to spitting out something that might resemble an honest answer?

John - CP MO said...

Michael Bertocchi:

Thank you for your interest.
Frank is heading up ballot access.
I'm only familiar with a few states with which he has tasked me to assist.
As for the Midwest, now that Randy won't be handling Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana or Ohio, it will clearly be more work for the rest of us.

Would you be interested in assisting in Maryland?
If so please feel free to contact me off-forum.

Thanks again.
CP of MO

John - CP MO said...

Well played Floyd!

I actually appreciated the subtle qualities of that post!

While suggesting that Mr Bertocchi has less than an hour to live might be a bit over played, I accept that your window of opportunity was brief and it was act now or lose it forever!

Lucky for you I was on a business call and couldn't complete my answer sooner, eh?!

CP of MO

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Thanks John.

I'm supporting President Donald J. Trump.

I was the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Maryland until 2019 December when I resigned because I'm supporting Trump.

However, I will sign a petition to get the Constitution Party on the ballot in Maryland because I want more political parties in Maryland.

I'll also sign the petition for the Libertarian and Green parties so they can also get on the ballot in Maryland.

John - CP MO said...


Yes. I'm aware of your history.
And your decision to 'step down' in order to openly support Trump was very admirable.

That said, supporting President Trump wouldn't necessarily mean you couldn't also help get our candidate on the ballot - for the reasons you mentioned for signing petitions.

Thus my offer to have you contact me off-forum.

And thank you for the civil replies.
It's actually refreshing and rare on this forum.

Best Regards,
CP of MO

FWW said...

You attempt a routine national CP bait-and-hook, Blazek.

First you flatter--e.g. "very admirable". Then you try to set the hook--e.g. "supporting President Trump wouldn't necessarily mean you couldn't also help get our candidate on the ballot."

If Bertocchi falls for that, then he's got more problems than I thought.

FWW said...

"And thank you for the civil replies.
It's actually refreshing and rare on this forum."

Is your being a self indulgent pompous ass a genetic disorder? Or, just your character flaw?

John - CP MO said...


It's unfortunate that you are so jaded that you are incapable of recognizing a sincere compliment when you see one given. What he did was, in fact, very admirable; in much the same way that following through on your commitment to place Don Blankenship on the Idaho ballot will demonstrate honor.

It's interesting that you weren't as jaded with the two compliments I gave you earlier in this thread.

In fact, Mr Bertocchi already declined to assist. I was not attempting to change his mind. My remarks were intended to explain why I offered - even though I was aware of his history.

Although, it is interesting that you attempt to dissuade Mr Bertocchi from potentially changing his mind, and assisting the party in Maryland, by accusing him of 'having problems'. That's an interesting tack. Perhaps you would care to elaborate on the problems you think he has so as to ensure you 'lock him in'?

As always, Floyd, it's interesting to watch you describe yourself.

CP of MO

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Thank you John.

FWW said...

"so jaded that you are incapable of recognizing a sincere compliment"

No, simply a realist. I recognize a physical property called polarity. And because of that, in your specific case, you are incapable of sincerity.

By this: "It's interesting that you weren't as jaded with the two compliments I gave you earlier in this thread."--you merely highlight said insincerity.

Nobody believes you, Bwanna Blazek. Nor should they. Now git back to Backroom Woods, 'dat national CP plantation.

Massa Castle, Fo'man Fluckiger and Cracker Clymer got's mo' shilling and shucking work for ya. Ewe be a'failin'.

Too many 'filiates iz bolting for freedom 'way from 'dem mind chains. So's ewe betta go beat on dem's dat 're still in d' shacks. Less'n dey too 'cide for dem'sefs dat livin' on yo' plantation ain't no good.

Justice Apash said...

John - CP MO

I wish you Godspeed in Missouri. Although I never met him, I used to watch the Youtube videos of Raymond Kish and Gallant Films. It seems like you keep dismissing the chaos happening in the CP on sour grapes and a few disgruntled people. So far the state parties that have either left the National Party or are giving the ballot line to Sam Tittle are CP of Virginia, New Mexico, Alaska, and Idaho. The interference in South Dakota left them without ballot access and the Constitution Party of Montana disbanded because of the incident. If these problems continue how long will national Constitution Party last?