Monday, May 4, 2020

Jesuit Magazine “America” Article on Whether a Catholic-Centered Third Party Could Ever Exist in U.S.

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America, the Jesuit magazine, has this article on whether a Catholic-based political party could ever arise in the U.S. It mentions the American Solidarity Party. It also reminds readers of the very important Christian Democratic Parties formed after World War II in several European countries.

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Justin Apash said...

There is a huge theoretical potential for such a party. There are millions of people who are likely social conservatives and economically liberal. There are some Democrats like Senator Joe Manchin, who are conservative on social issues and moderately liberal on economic issues. However most of the elected officials either lost their primaries and the ones that made it lost in the general election. The main obstacle is the same obstacle all third party candidates face, that many people who could potentially vote for the American Solidarity Party will hold their nose and vote for the Republican or Democrat.