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Don Blankenship, William Mohr Will Lead Constitution Party 2020 Ticket

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At its National Convention online today, the Constitution Party nominated former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship for President on the second ballot. William Mohr was nominated unanimously for vice president. 
According to the April 2020 print edition of Ballot Access News, the Constitution Party is currently on the ballot in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
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FWW said...

Strictly speaking, the national CP does not "have" ballot access in Idaho. Yet as has proven all too typically, the national CP continues to spin, dishonestly. Evidently, they lack the capacity for humility, to say nothing of sincere introspection.

Regardless, the reality is this. Mr. Blankenship won the March 2020 Idaho Presidential Primary. Because of his victory, Mr. Blankenship won CP-Idaho's unaffiliated up-ballot line...nearly two months ago, and well before the national CP's recent telethon this past weekend (May 1-2, 2020).

The national CP is largely irrelevant to CP-Idaho. CP-Idaho's state party electorate made the ballot decision, irrespective of national CP actions. Mr. Blankenship gained our up-ballot line by an entirely separate process.

CP-Idaho's State Convention holds the ultimate say on the up-ballot ticket. And that final say will occur at convention in August 2020...again, entirely unaffiliated with whatever the insular national CP may or may not do.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Constitution Party supporters made the correct decision by choosing Don Blankenship as their Presidential candidate because he will get more media attention than all of their former 2020 Presidential candidates.

Don Blankenship will continue to receive negative press especially about his misdemeanor, but many voters don’t trust the media and the judicial system.

These voters will be open to voting for him.

Don Blankenship is able to donate a lot of money for advertisements and get on the ballot in more states than the Presidential candidates who weren’t chosen at the Constitution Party convention because he’s wealthy.

FWW said...

"get on the ballot in more states"--yeah, right.

My current understanding is that several state affiliates are refusing to agree to Mr. Blankenship on their state party's November ballot.

Thus far, one ballot qualified state affiliate and one non-qualified affiliate are seeking to replace Mr. Blankenship as candidate. If they do, right there you have two fewer state ballot lines for the gentleman. But the bad news doesn't end there.

Two more non-qualified state affiliates shortly will disaffiliate, or already have, from the national CP.

And, excluding those two pending disaffiliations, another two non-qualified state affiliates are also considering leaving the national party as we speak.

So what is that?...four non-qualified state parties disaffiliating, plus one non-qualified and one ballot qualified state affiliate seeking another national candidate?

What you have is a disaster, spin it however you will.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Let's say the above occurs.

Do you believe the National Constitution Party would be able find people in those states that want to affiliate with the party & also agree to put Don Blankenship on their state party's November ballot?

If not, is there another way Don Blankenship can get on those states ballots?

FWW said...

Mr. Bertocchi,

That you mentioned the national CP "find people in those states" suggests a cavalier use, or rather abuse, of the national party's Constitution. To wit: Article III, clause 3.

"Nothing in this Constitution or the bylaws of the Constitution Party shall confer upon the national party any authority to direct the internal affairs of any state."

A presumption of power, without legitimate authority, has been systemic in the national CP for many years. You've got the party upside down. I said that at Albuquerque in October 2015. It is as true today as it was then; perhaps more so judging by your questions.

Whether or not what you suggest breaches Article II, clause debatable.

It hinges upon disaffiliation being consummated and the timing, so to speak. But taking the spirit of the party's constitution, what you propose are dual parties...which is a breach. National CP already attempted that in Idaho. And so too in South Dakota, I am told. I can't speak to that; but I can speak in regards to Idaho.

Whether or not the national CP abides its own Article II, clause C--"by all lawful AND truthful means"--I also leave to others to decide. It is my experience that national party (diplomatically put) is heavily challenged regarding "truthfulness".

But to answer your question, petitioning or buying an ephemeral independent ballot line is a candidate option. By chasing temporary ballot lines though, the national CP shirks its responsibilities and its actual reason to exist, as laid out in Article II, clause B--namely, to provide states with "ballot qualification" among other assistance.

"Ballot "access" on short expiry lines with no label is not the same as state party ballot qualification. Too many confuse those terms.

In any case, the gross return on transitory ballot lines is hardly meaningful. Without ballot qualified state parties to support those high priced expiring lines, the game of counting coup with short shelf life independent "access" is an expensive, indeed a profligate, pass time.

I suppose it could be justified if, instead of a political party, the national CP views itself as an exclusive social club.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Thanks for responding.

I'm interested to find out if state affiliates disaffiliate, other people in those states form a new Constitution Party state affiliate, are accepted by the National Party, and then put Don Blankenship on their state party's November ballot

FWW said...

" other people in those states form a new Constitution Party state affiliate, are accepted by the National Party, and then put Don Blankenship on their state party's November ballot"

You are clearly out of your league, and even reality. demonstrating yet anew precisely how sophomoric the national CP really is.

Never in my born days have I ever had the misfortune of dealing with a more immature and brattish bunch of septuagenarians and octogenarians who, one should expect having been gifted with so many decades, ought to have at least have an inkling of wisdom, and a modicum of humility and introspection. You people are starving to death for it, and figure you can just purchase it at the local five and dime. Amazing.

FWW said...

First of all, time is of essence. You seem to think that all this affiliation can happen with immediate effect. Sugar plums truly dance in your heads.

Second, "ballot access" is not "ballot qualification". EVen on a good day, you cannot produce factual state affiliates. And New Mexico was ballot qualified. No big deal, right? You also seem to think that these "new" state parties will HAVE a party ballot.

Third, you demonstrate abject ignorance of parliamentary procedure. "Accepted by the National Party?" How? Do you even have a clue? Apparently not.

(a) The Constitution of the national party is clear. National Committee (not to the executive committee, or its subsidiary lackeys) holds the power. Article III, Clause 2: "The National Committee shall have the power to grant and revoke state affiliation status." You cannot do what you suggest without assembling the National Committee.

(b) The national bylaws also tell you this, Bylaws at Article II Section 2.2. Any application must proceed through the Credentials Committee chairman for preliminary review. To apply, certain requirements must be in evidence prior to the submittal from all these Christmas cookie "affiliates"--e.g. organizational documents, bank account (requiring an E.I.N.), officers seated in accord with state elections laws.

(c) Even with a favorable determination by a lackey sycophant chairing the Credentials Committee, the applicant state parties are still subject to review by the ENTIRE Credentials Committee, "at or prior to a meeting of the National Committee or the National Convention."

(d) You cannot do what you suggest in the back room of your clandestine junta. Far too many things done by the national CP have been done surreptitiously, without accountability, and oversight. That's the problem. You make or break rules when it suits you. With that as your legacy, why would voters entrust any of you to keep the US Constitution?

(e) I don't doubt you will come back with: "Well then. We can just get the lackey Credentials Chairman to rubber stamp it." Wrong. You CANNOT delegate the National Committee's power to grant or revoke affiliate status. And to do it now, post convention, you would have to call a special meeting with a 14-day advance notice--in writing--to all national committee members.

(e) Affiliation is granted by the whole National Committee, with no less than 2/3rds vote. Read your charters, and get a clue. You are trying to jump circuit your own parliamentary procedures to steal or take what you want.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

Are you a mind reader?

I ask because I wasn't talking about stealing or taking what I want. You wrongfully jumped to that conclusion among others.

I was only asking questions and had an interest as a "political junkie"

I'm not a Constitution Party supporter or voter.

I'm supporting and voting for President Donald J. Trump.

FWW said...

"You wrongfully jumped to that conclusion"...

Michael Bertocchi
Rockville, Maryland
Marylanders for Constitutional Governance
Official Constitution Party Maryland affiliate

Maybe you're right. I should update my contact lists.

Michael R. Bertocchi said...

I resigned 2019 December. I had emailed the Constitution Party Executive Committee and many other Constitution Party members

See the below.