Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Libertarian Party Nominates Spike Cohen for Vice-President

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On Sunday, May 24, the Libertarian Party nominated Spike Cohen for vice-president. The third round vote was: Cohen 533; John Monds 472.

A Libertarian Candidate Enters the Presidential Race

Jo Jorgensen
Jo Jorgensen is running for the White House

We have a choice!
Next presidential election, we don't have to decide between two big-spending candidates, neither of whom has expressed much interest in limited government.
Now, we have a third serious choice. This week, Jo Jorgensen, a psychology lecturer at Clemson University, won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.
OK, I won't delude myself—a libertarian is unlikely to become president. But Jorgensen's platform is a refreshing change.
She correctly points out that government "is too big, too bossy, too nosy, and way too intrusive."
Of course, many candidates say that when running for office...
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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Tom Woods Show: What Just Happened at the Libertarian Convention?

Stufflebeam Resigns As CP Midwestern Regional Chairman

The following letter was sent out by Randy Stufflebeam early this morning of 5/26/2020.

Dear (CP National Committee Member)

Randy Stufflebeam here.

Nearly 17 years ago  I found out about the Constitution Party and immediately considered it my new political home.  It was shortly after I retired from the Marine Corps in 2003 that I discovered what I consider a betrayal of my service by the two major parties. I was so excited to have joined the Constitution Party and have never looked back.

In 2004, I helped organize the Constitution Party of Illinois as Vice-Chairman.  In 2005, I became the chairman.  In 2006, I ran for Governor and received nearly 20,000 officially recorded votes as a write-in candidate.  I was also appointed as Regional Chairman in that same year by then Chairman Clymer.

In 2010, I ran for U.S. Senate.   We delivered around 38,000 signatures for a requirement of 25,000.  About 85% or more of the signatures were gotten by an all-volunteer force.  With the Republicans having spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars, they were able to keep us off the ballot by 65 signatures.

For years, I stated, "The Constitution Party was the last great political hope for this country."  I honestly believed it.  But with the current condition of the party I no longer hold on to that belief.  My heart is heavy and grieved.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

New Mexico Constitution Party Rejects National CP Nominee

At the Constitution Party of New Mexico's virtual convention tonight 5/13/20, the National CP's ticket of Blankenship/Mohr was rejected in favor of Samm Tittle of Virginia for president, and CPNM Chairman J.W.Fakes as her vice-presidential running mate.  

Tittle received 4 delegate votes to Blankenship’s 2 votes.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Justin Amash Participates in First Libertarian Presidential Debate

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On Saturday, May 9, Congressman Justin Amash participated in his first debate with other Libertarians seeking the presidential nomination. Independent Political Report has a link. The debate was sponsored by the Kentucky Libertarian Party and included five candidates. The others were Jim Gray, Jacob Hornberger, Jo Jorgensen, and Vermin Supreme.

Libertarian Party To Choose Its Presidential Ticket in Virtual Vote Over Memorial Day Weekend


by Brian Doherty,

The Libertarian Party's National Committee (LNC) decided by a 13–4 vote today, after a tortuous 8-hour Zoom meeting, to divide the party's convention business into two parts.
The first will be an online meeting over the same Memorial Day weekend during which the scotched in-person convention was supposed to occur in Austin, Texas. At this online meeting, "nomination and balloting for party candidates for President and Vice-President" will occur.
Then a follow-up physical convention will be held in Orlando, Florida, from July 8–12. While the LNC did not formally commit yet to a contracted venue, they received a presentation from the Rosen Shingle Creek resort that seems to be a favorite...
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Jesse Ventura Says He Won’t Seek Green Party Nomination, But That He Will Vote Green in November

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On May 8, former Reform Party Governor Jesse Ventura said he won’t seek the Green Party nomination, but that he will vote for whomever the party nominates.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Jesuit Magazine “America” Article on Whether a Catholic-Centered Third Party Could Ever Exist in U.S.

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America, the Jesuit magazine, has this article on whether a Catholic-based political party could ever arise in the U.S. It mentions the American Solidarity Party. It also reminds readers of the very important Christian Democratic Parties formed after World War II in several European countries.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Howie Hawkins Wins Green Pennsylvania Primary

As the specter of Jesse Ventura looms large in the background, today Howie Hawkins secured yet another primary win in the race for the Green Party nomination.  If "The Body" is going to do something, he better get crackin'! 


Saturday, May 2, 2020

Virginia Constitution Party Rejects Nomination of Blankenship, Wants Libertarian Justin Amash To Be Its Presidential Candidate

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LNC Votes to Cancel Austin In-person Convention, Will Decide Alternative Next Week


Independent Political Report 
As first reported at Ballot Access News, at the much publicized Zoom meeting today, the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) voted nine to seven to cancel the in-person National Convention scheduled for Austin later this month. This comes in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in the death of over 60,000 Americans and led to the cancellation of most public gatherings. The LNC will reconvene on Zoom next week to make alternative plans for the national convention. The resolution requires the convention take place before July 15. 
Some critics of a change in venue, such as vice presidential candidate Tom Knapp, have claimed the LNC lacks the authority to reschedule the convention, saying it requires a meeting of delegates to do so. Andy Craig of the Maryland Libertarian Party disagrees. 
“In some cases, it’s just a (totally mistaken, but at least sincere) idea that the rules and ballot access laws leave no other option, in spite of the LNC’s own lawyer, Richard Winger, and the authors of Robert’s Rules all saying otherwise.” Craig argues. “And for others it’s just sheer denial at the reality that their big in-person social gathering isn’t going to happen like usual.”Craig explains he does not wish to risk the health of participants just to hold an in-person convention...
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Don Blankenship, William Mohr Will Lead Constitution Party 2020 Ticket

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Don Blankenship - Wikipedia
Don Blankenship
William Mohr - Ballotpedia
William Mohr
At its National Convention online today, the Constitution Party nominated former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship for President on the second ballot. William Mohr was nominated unanimously for vice president. 
According to the April 2020 print edition of Ballot Access News, the Constitution Party is currently on the ballot in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
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Jesse Ventura Officially Joins The Green Party

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The Minnesota Green Party posted this picture of Jesse Ventura 2 hours ago on Facebook saying:

Friday, May 1, 2020

Congressman Justin Amash Lists Himself in Congressional Directory as a Libertarian

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Congressman Justin Amash is now listed in the Congressional Directory as a Libertarian. He is the first member to list himself as a member of a nationally-organized party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, since Congressman Vito Marcantonio was listed as an American Labor Party member. Marcantonio left Congress after he was defeated for re-election in 1950. The American Labor Party was the New York state affiliate of the Progressive Party that was founded early in 1948 by Henry Wallace.

Ron Paul always listed himself in the Congressional Directory as a Republican. John Anderson continued to list himself as a Republican all during 1980, even though he was running for president as an independent that year.

Reason TV - Justin Amash: People Want a President 'Who Is Normal, Honest, Practical, Capable.'

Bread and Roses Party Chooses Vice-Presidential Nominee

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On April 30, the Bread and Roses Party announced that its 2020 vice-presidential nominee will be John de Graaf of Seattle, a documentary filmmaker and author. Here is his web page.
The presidential nominee of the Bread and Roses Party is Jerome Segal. The party is only on the ballot in Maryland.