Sunday, April 26, 2020

Virginia Constitution Party Chairman Comes Out In Opposition To Don Blankenship's Candidacy

To ALL Members of the Virginia Media, etc.
This Friday the National Constitution Party will be voting to Nominate a candidate for 
President of the United States, result of the vote will be announced the next day. 
There are two QUALITY Virginians, Charles Kraut and Sheila "SAMM" Tittle, seeking 
the Presidential Nomination, but many are determined to nominate someone responsible 
for the death of 29 miners, Don Blankenship. The attached message I sent to members 
of the Constitution Party National Committee not telling them who they should 
vote for, but who NOT to support, Don Blankenship. With Democrat Joe Biden being 
accused of "Illegal Touching" and Donald Trump accused as a Sexual Predator, the time 
could not be better for a woman and independent candidate for President to be elected.

I received HOSTILE FIRE from Don Blankenship supporters for exposing the truth to them.

John Bloom, Chairman, Constitution Party of Virginia

=  =  =  =  =  = 

To ALL National Committee Members,

 As the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia, I am not going to endorse anyone 
for President as VIRGINIA, has TWO QUALITY candidates seeking the National Constitution Party 
Nomination for President, however I would like to provide some insight into both candidates.  
Though you may not be a National Convention Delegate they are your State's representative 
and I urge you to let them know who you support and more importantly who you do not support and why.   

Charles Kraut, I know the longest, and has written two books, I encourage all of you to read, 
It was those books and his commitment to the Constitution Party in January 2017, that I asked him if he 
would be the Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia. It was a year later that Charles resigned 
as Vice-Chairman to pursue other endeavors in EDUCATING the Electorate.  
Charles was very active with the Virginia Tea Party, unfortunately, he realized they lost their way after 
Donald Trump was  elected, as he was having extreme difficult getting them to support his campaign 
for President. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind Charles would be very effective in 
DEEP RED STATES, like Alabama and Georgia, but as a older white male like myself I have reservations 
how he would do in deep blue Democrat states. I reappointed Charles to be the Constitution Party of 
Virginia Vice-Chairman and believe he has a much deeper profile here in Virginia than he has Nationally.

Sheila "SAMM" Tittle, I just met after I left the Faith and Freedom Coalition Meeting in June of 2019.  
She ran for President in 2016 and 2012 and received more votes in Louisiana than Constitution Party Nominee 
and current REPUBLICAN and Donald Trump supporter Virgil Goode. Though I urged both Charles and 
Samm to attend the Virginia Citizens Defense League's Lobby Day, taking a stand against the Virginia Democrats 
Gun Control Legislation, only Samm choose to attend and she was interviewed by the Richmond and Virginia 
Press, which some of you also attended.

In December, Samm attended the "God, Family and Guns" Rally in Richmond and Charles choose not to 
attend, however Samm is pictured in the Associated Press Article, "God, Family and Guns Rally" AP Article 
which could have been sent all across the Country. Charles missed those opportunities, though Charles was 
mentioned in a Local Newspaper the News Gazette article, "Make Our Voices Heard". Samm, as a woman 
and fluent in Spanish, and a Latina, would appeal to Democrats NOT fond of Joe Biden, and would most 
assuredly appeal to pro-life Democrats, especially, black pro-life voters who cannot vote for Donald Trump.  
I believe Samm would be competitive in all 50 States. I signed onto a pending Lawsuit, that all CP State 
Organizations should consider doing, to challenge and  wave the signature requirements due to Governor's 
Stay at home orders that are currently in effect, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I believe that Charles 
would be more valuable running for US Senate in Virginia, to help build the Constitution Party of Virginia, 
in the "NEVER TRUMP" State of Virginia, the only Southern state that not only was won by Hillary Clinton 
in 2016, but recieved the MAJORITY of votes cast for President in 2016, and which Republicans lost seats
in EVERY election in the State Assembly and Congress since 2016, and they lost REPUBLICAN 
GERRYMANDERED Districts, one to a Transvestite. Virginia is NOT a BLUE State it is a "NEVER TRUMP" 
State and a vote for Trump is a wasted vote. I appointed Samm to fill the vacancy of Secretary in the 
Constitution Party of Virginia and I believe she has a broader appeal Nationally than she has in Virginia.

It would NOT be a mistake, but an UNFORCED ERROR if the Constitution Party were to Nominate Don 
Blankenship, read the attached Letter To Constitution Party National Convention Delegates. The Constitution 
Party needs the media and having a Nominee that has a lawsuit against many media outlets is NOT what 
we need. I worked very hard at working with members of the Virginia Media. Most local Virginia Newspapers 
have published at least one of the Letter to the Editors I submitted to them. Republicans and Democrats do not 
take responsibility for anything, they blame others, just like Don Blankenship has done. I do not care whether 
Don Blankenship committed a Felony or misdemeanor, 29 miners lost their lives on HIS WATCH. When 
Marines were killed by a suicide bomber in Lebanon, President Ronald Reagan did not blame others, he 
took full responsibility for the deaths of marines, because it happened on HIS WATCH. I do not believe 
it is possible to maintain any INTEGRITY nominating the CP Version of Don the Con.

For me there are too many supporters of Donald Trump in this Party, Don Blankenship is one of them.  
As a native of New York I know Donald Trump is a Confidence Man. Many should be aware of John Orr, who 
was a Firefighter, who set fires so he could be the HERO and save the day. Donald Trump is very much like 
John Orr. In 2006-2008 he helped lay the ground work for the DEMOCRATS to take over both houses of 
Congress and led to the Rise of Barrack Obama and  Socialist legislation like Obamacare. Trump set the 
political fires in 2006, and was elected in 2016 to be the HERO. All he has done is increase the National Debt 
more in four years than President Obama did in Eight Years, banned bump stock (Unconstitutional), reauthorized 
the UNCONSTITUTIONAL Patriot Act, which one of the Justices he nominated to the Supreme Court, 
Brett Kavanaugh was involved in drafting it. Though he added two "conservative" members of the 
Supreme Court, not only is Roe V Wade still "the law of the land"but Planned Parenthood received more 
Federal Funding in 2019, then they ever received.  


Please consider all the information I provided to make an INFORMED Decision on who 
to Nominate for the Constitution Party Nominee for President. As the late Paul Harvey would say 
now- "You know the rest of the story."

John Bloom, Chairman, Constitution Party of Virginia

Constitution Party of Virginia


William Saturn said...

This story bleeds off the page and is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors so it's quite difficult to read.

From what I could read, I hope the author is ready to hear from Blankenship's attorneys. He's sued for less, much less. See

Cody Quirk said...

The article has already been edited.

If Blankenship is wise, he would save a lot of money by publishing a rebuttal to this piece instead; ATPR would have no problem featuring it.

FWW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FWW said...

Unless something untoward happen, and Mr. Blankenship drops from the contest, he WILL be on the CP-Idaho printed ballot for 2020.

He was the victor of the 2020 Idaho Presidential Primary. This victory is irrespective of whomever the national CP pronounces as its presidential candidate. CP-Idaho is unaffiliated with national.

Our state party took the tack (beginning in August 2015) of putting the nomination directly and thus legitimately to the people by way of a secure representative "winner takes all" primary. Our delegates are "hard count". And as such, we are honor bound and indeed legally bound to deliver the 2020 CP-Idaho ballot line to Mr. Blankenship, excepting unforeseen circumstances as stated that may prevent said delivery.

We do not anticipate any exceptions.

The only remaining "suspense" is who the Vice President running mate may be. CP-Idaho cannot yet determine that because the decision rests with our 2020 CP-Idaho State Convention.

As explained several times to the six candidates who participated in the March 2020 Idaho Primary, it is our custom to select the running mate from the primary candidates. This custom more or less keeps the intent of the ordinal "model" set forth in the Constitution, before its amendment.

Regardless, the selection of Vice President on CP-Idaho's printed ballot line has yet to be determined. Thus far, two CP-Idaho primary candidates have expressed an interest in standing as running mate with Mr. Blankenship. The final decision remains the prerogative of our 2020 CP-Idaho State Convention.

Cody Quirk said...

It is what it is.