Thursday, April 23, 2020 Should Justin Amash Run For President?

Congressman Justin Amash

by Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Mick Gillespie,  

Since Rep. Justin Amash (I–Mich.) announced Wednesday that he has been "carefully consider[ing] a presidential run," presumably with the Libertarian Party, there have been three bits of interesting news:
1) An April 14-16 Morning Consult national poll of 1,992 registered voters, the first of its kind in seven months, had the libertarian congressman at just 1 percent, compared to Joe Biden's 46 and President Donald Trump's 42 (5 percent said "someone else" and 6 percent said they would not vote). Removing Amash's name from the options did not change the point-spread between the two leading candidates.
2) First-quarter fundraising numbers came in from Amash's 3rd Congressional District in Michigan, and—unsurprisingly, given his announcement that he stopped campaigning actively in mid-February while pondering his presidential future—the independent incumbent finished in...
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NewFederalist said...

I hope he does NOT seek to become the fourth ex-GOPer in a row to become the Libertarian presidential nominee. It's tough for the LP to NOT look like the triple A affiliate of the Republican Party. I think it's time for a real libertarian Libertarian nominee!

Andy said...

If Justin Amash is serious about seeking the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, he should have switched to Libertarian instead of independent when he left the Republican Party, and he should have jumped in the race earlier, and traveled to LP state conventions and participated in debates.