Thursday, April 16, 2020

National Progressive Party Formed

The Vermont Progressive Party, America's most successful third party with 9 Vermont State Reps and 1 State Senator and the Lt. Governor, has gone national with their platform and success.


Several state affiliates are on social media inc. branches in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, Alaska, Louisiana, West Virginia, and of course Vermont among others..

Writer's Opinion: I am not the biggest fan of the progressive movement in this country. Even more so, I'm not a fan of voting for the Republican or Democratic Party. If you consider yourself as a 'progressive' within the Democratic Party, it's time you left that party and chose to be with like minded people whose leadership isn't sold to the highest bidder. Practice what you preach and step up to the plate and make this party a viable progressive choice in American politics. Make this a viable party to counter big money and the duopoly. This is your chance. -A.S.

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NewFederalist said...

Seems to me that they have waited far too long.