Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Judge Jim Gray Announces Libertarian Run For President

Judge Jim Gray
by Ryan Jenkins, 4-14-20

Long time political player Judge Jim Gray announced yesterday he would seek the LP nomination for president of the United States. Gray enters the Libertarian race pretty late with just about a month till the convention. Adam Kokesh also a candidate for that same nomination has been campaigning for two years now. Judge Gray also announced long time libertarian radio host and former New York gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe will serve as his running mate. On a live Q and A last night Larry made it clear it is a strict Gray/Sharpe ticket. I personally see many challenges for Jim Gray the fact he has not been able to campaign at any of the state conventions unlike all the other candidates. I guess we will see how many delegates he can win over. Larry Sharpe will most likely be able to win over delegates for Gray being a well liked figure in the Libertarian world. It is just a matter of time to see who gets the nomination.

Little info is known but here is a website


NewFederalist said...

Gray was a far better running mate for Johnson than Weld was. Too bad Gray sullied his brand by endorsing Weld in 2016. Gray would be better than many others but I still prefer Jorgensen and/or Hornberger at this point.

Andy said...

Some other reasons I am not supporting Jim Gray:

He opposes fully informing jurors of their right to nullify laws.

He opposed a ballot initiative known as JAIL for Judges, which would have created a citizens Grand Jury to review the conduct of judges, and which could have removed them from office, and possibly pressed criminal charges against them. This initiative was filed in California back in 2004, but it unfortunately did not get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot. It did qualify for the ballot in South Dakota in 2006, but it was voted down after a smear campaign from the judges, attorneys, police, prison guards, and the legislature.

He supports the FAIR Tax.

He put out an article where he praised the police, and he said that Libertarians should, "honor, respect, and thank that police." Some Libertarians took him to task for this, and he doubled down on defending this article.

He endorsed Bill Weld in 2016, and even gave a nomination speech for him.

He was supporting Lincoln Chafee for the 2020 presidential nomination until Chafee dropped out.