Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A3PR Exclusive Interview with NH State Rep. Max Abramson (VPA)


Today I had the pleasure to interview one of the few politicians out there who has some individuality and character, something no Democrat or Republican can claim. New Hampshire State Representative Max Abramson, Veterans Party of America candidate for President.

Q: Recently you switched parties, again, from Libertarian to Veterans Party.  Personally, I think that is great, what was the motivation behind this change?

A: Veterans Party of America. (The Veterans Party was another group that became inactive about 20 years ago.) The VPA is committed to running candidates for office and helping them to win those state and local elections. The whole party is completely volunteer. No one gets paid, and we all do this work because we believe in public service.

The Libertarian Party has become increasingly abusive toward voters, donors, volunteers, activists, and people who help out. Rather than support Libertarian candidates, they've turned on their own and spend almost all of their time trashing their own candidates. All politics is local, and it depends on listening. The LP does neither. After 25 years of hard work, canvassing, manning tables, doing ballot access work, and even serving as the nation's only Libertarian legislator, rather than get recognition for my efforts, I was repeatedly told to leave--both by current LP members and those who'd left because of this treatment.

Q: Do you plan on running for re-election to the Rockingham District 20 in the New Hampshire state legislature as a member of the Veterans Party?

A: I don't have any firm plans yet regarding the legislative seat, but I am doing the best job that I can for my constituents in the midst of this crisis.

Q: You are currently seeking the Veterans Party nomination for President, any idea who would be your running mate and why?

A:  I'll leave that up to the membership at the convention.

Q:  Chris Keniston received 7,251 votes in 2016, can Max Abramson do better?  Why?

A: Over 31,000 people voted for me in New Hampshire alone in 2016 because of the active campaign that we ran and the great volunteers who helped out. I've learned how to reach out to different groups ahead of time and build a base of grass roots support early on. We also have a strategy to target those states where Wasted Vote Syndrome isn't an issue. In my opinion, Chris was a terrific candidate, and make a strong case for taking better care of our armed service veterans, but very few people got to hear his message.

Q: How many states is the Veterans Party hoping to be on the ballot?

A: More. The Coronavirus lockdown is making it difficult for minor parties to collect signatures for getting on the ballot, and the two major parties have been making it more difficult as time passes to get onto the ballot.  But the courts are increasingly seeing that unrealistic ballot access requirements are being enacted intentionally to keep minor parties off the ballot. After talking with leadership from both parties and discussions in Republican caucus, it's clear that this is deliberate by both Republicans and Democrats to prevent us from getting our ideas in front of the voters.

Q: Where do you stand on the issue of 're-opening' the country?

A: Do The Five--not the lockdown. Shutting down small shops, salons, and restaurants does nothing to control the spread of the virus and only hurts our economy and small businesses.

Q: You have also shown some interest in seeking the Reform Party nomination, care to comment more on this?

A:  A friend suggested that I reach out to other minor parties in an effort to bring political reform efforts together in one large national campaign. By working together, we could build a national movement to enact campaign finance reform, truly independent redistricting, proportionate representation, and IRV/RCV or Approval Voting. My hope is that the anti-corruption effort in American comes together and focuses on these important legislative and local races that are usually missed by the spotlight.

Q: Do you think that COVID-19 will still be an issue by November and if so, what would be your plan for people to get out the vote?

A: Yes. More and more Americans are questioning why large, major political donors can remain open and price gouge consumers while government is again shutting down their smaller competitors.  Packing the same population of shoppers into few stores doesn't slow the spread of the virus, but it does make the owners of those large, multinational corporations much richer.

Q: Is Spring finally here in the Northeast?

A:  A cold Spring, but yes.

Q: Where do you see the country in 10 years?

A: Potentially bankrupt if we don't get our act together and start downsizing the federal government.  For 200 years, we had a very small federal government and took care of problems down at the local level, and we didn't have anything like the debt, outrageous middle class tax burden, and out of control healthcare, college costs, housing, and childcare costs. Before government interference in the marketplace, one paycheck was enough to support a family.

Thank you for your time and good luck to you Rep. Abramson!         


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