Monday, March 9, 2020

Myers 2020 Responds to Idaho Disinformation Campaign

Disturbing news from Idaho has just reached the Myers 2020 campaign.  According to an article in Sunday's; Challis Register, (Wikipedia Article On ID Post Register), it was falsely reported that the Myers' campaign has been suspended.  The online version has now been corrected.

The timing of this report, just prior to the Idaho primary election on Tuesday, March 10, precludes any meaningful response.

According to J.R.Myers, "It is clearly a dirty campaign trick, perpetrated by a rival campaign with the full collusion of the newspaper.  The Myers 2020 Campaign never received an inquiry from the reporter.  I never spoke to anyone with the Challis Messenger or the Idaho Post Register.  I had just finished participating in the Free & Equal POTUS Candidates Debate in Chicago, and received over 14% of the vote in the California super-Tuesday AIP primary.  Clearly, this is further proof of the reality of Fake News meant to suppress candidate votes and thereby improperly influence a federal Presidential campaign.  It will be interesting to note if any of my rival  campaigns purchased any ad space with the Post Register or affiliated media?"  Opined Idaho Constitution Party Presidential candidate J.R.Myers.


Dee Malenke said...

Why not the independent presidential candidates don’t have any debates on tv

J.R.Myers said...

Because the networks and Presidential Debates Commission are privately owned, and they don’t want to publicize any real competition.