Sunday, March 8, 2020

Montana Green Party Petition is Valid

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On March 6, the Montana Secretary of State announced that the 2020 Green Party petition has enough valid signatures. The requirement is 5,000, and the party petition had 11,000 signatures. This is the first petition success for the Green Party (relative to getting on the 2020 ballot) since the November 2018 election.
Meanwhile, the party is still in U.S. District Court over the unequal distribution requirement for that type of petition. The law requires signatures from at least one-third of the state house districts. But even though house districts are presumed to have equal populations, the law requires that in some districts as many as 150 valid signatures are needed, while in others the requirement can be as low as 55 signatures. Such a law clearly violates the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Moore v Ogilvie, an Illinois decision that said when distribution requirements exist for statewide petitions, all the voters in each district must be treated equally. The Montana law gives more power to voters in some house districts than in others.
The lawsuit is Montana Green Party v Stapleton, 6:18cv-87.

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