Friday, March 20, 2020

Libertarian Party National Chair Appears on MSNBC and Asks that Ballot Access Petitions be Suspended

Ballot Access News

Nick Sarwark, national chair of the Libertarian Party, was on MSNBC on March 17. The host of the interview seemed to think that the Libertarian Party is on the ballot already in all 50 states. Actually it is now on for president in 35 states plus D.C. The host asked how the party will hold a nominating convention, but Sarwark steered the conversation around to ballot access petitioning. He said that the party has already asked Illinois state officials to suspend the need for ballot access petitions, given the health dangers of petitioning. Here is a link; go to the 1 minute 39 second mark to hear Sarwark.
Thus, Sarwark educated some MSNBC viewers that among the other election administration problems, petitioning is also a problem that ought to be addressed. Most election administration experts who appear on media interviews have not discussed this problem so far.

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