Friday, March 6, 2020

California Primary Results of Free & Equal/Open The Debates Chicago Debate Candidates

                                          CA SOS Semi-Offical Election Results 3/6/2020

Current results of the California Super-Tuesday Primary Election vote of March 3, 2020 provide an interesting comparision of the relative electoral strength of many candidates currently leading the pack in the alternative political marketplace.

Significantly, this was the first election in California that voters were able to register, or change registrations at the polling place on election day.  Also, since many of the parties' primaries aren't binding, this was the only plebiscite of these candidates.  Since California is the largest state in population with 55 Electoral Votes, these results are noteworthy.

                                          Free & Equal 2020 Chicago Presidential Debate

The day after the election, a well-publicized and now historic candidates debate was held at the Chicago Hilton co-sponsored by Free & Equal and Open The Debates.  It was moderated by well known political activist, Christina Tobin.  There were 18 candidates, representing several diverse parties, participating in two debates of  9 candidates each.  Each debate lasted about 3.5 hours throughout the afternoon and evening.

Fifteen of those candidates had also appeared on the California primary ballot the day before.  The California results were not yet realized at the time of the debate.  As of 3/6/2020, the California Secretary of State is reporting vote totals, including for those 15 candidates who also participated in the Chicago Open Presidential Debate.  J.R.Myers of the newly formed Life & Liberty Party is currently the frontrunner among the 'Chicago Fifteen' at 5,898 votes and counting.  With nearly 3 1/2 million votes yet to be tallied, things could change.

CA Primary Election 2020 Unprocessed Ballots Report

American Independent Party
Charles Kraut (Constitution Party) - 4,931
J.R.Myers (Life & Liberty Party) - 5,898

Democratic Party
Mosie Boyd - 1,300
Mark Stewart Greenstein - 2,516

Green Party
Howie Hawkins - 2,698
Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry - 1,362

Libertarian Party
Ken Armstrong - 2,210
Dan Behrman - 1,196
Erik Chase Gerhardt - 557
Jo Jorgensen - 2,291
Adam Kokesh - 1,494
Vermin Supreme - 2,291

Peace & Freedom Party
Howie Hawkins (Green Party) - 1,560
Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation) - 3,037

Republican Party
Zoltan G. Istvan - 5,815

Chicago Debate Candidates' running CA Vote Total: 39,156


J.R.Myers said...

It has been FALSELY reported by some in the Idaho press that I have suspended my campaign for POTUS. This is absolutely FALSE! It is a last minute dirty campaign trick prior to the Idaho primary on Tuesday.

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