Friday, March 20, 2020

Ohio Supreme Court Says Ohio Libertarian Party May Intervene in Lawsuit Over Postponing Primary

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On March 20, the Ohio Supreme Court said that the Libertarian Party may intervene in the Democratic Party’s lawsuit over the decision to postpone the primary (for president and all other office). The Libertarian Party will argue that the state officials who moved the primary didn’t have the authority to do that, at least relative to federal offices.

Largest Minnesota Newspaper Carries Op-Ed in Favor of Suspending Need for Candidate Ballot Access Petitions

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On March 19, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the largest newspaper in Minnesota, carried this op-ed urging that the need for candidate ballot access petitions be suspended. The op-ed is by leaders of the Green, Independence, and Libertarian Parties.

Libertarian Party National Chair Appears on MSNBC and Asks that Ballot Access Petitions be Suspended

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Nick Sarwark, national chair of the Libertarian Party, was on MSNBC on March 17. The host of the interview seemed to think that the Libertarian Party is on the ballot already in all 50 states. Actually it is now on for president in 35 states plus D.C. The host asked how the party will hold a nominating convention, but Sarwark steered the conversation around to ballot access petitioning. He said that the party has already asked Illinois state officials to suspend the need for ballot access petitions, given the health dangers of petitioning. Here is a link; go to the 1 minute 39 second mark to hear Sarwark.
Thus, Sarwark educated some MSNBC viewers that among the other election administration problems, petitioning is also a problem that ought to be addressed. Most election administration experts who appear on media interviews have not discussed this problem so far.

Montana Libertarian Party Recruits New U.S. Senate Candidate

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The Montana Libertarian Party has recruited a new U.S. Senate candidate to replace the candidate who withdrew just before the filing deadline. She is Susan Good Geise, a County Commissioner in Lewis & Clark County. This story about her indicates that she is motivated to run partly because the incumbent Republican U.S. Senator has been too slavish in his support for President Trump. Thanks to Political Wire for this news.

Libertarian Presidential Debates hosted by the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

The Tom Woods Show: Dave Smith on Humorless Libertarian Ninnies

Andy Jacobs: The Case for More Restrictions on Voting and on Donating to Political Campaigns

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Montana Democratic Party Asks Commissioner of Political Practice to Find out Who Paid for Green Party Petition Drive

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On March 17, the Montana Democratic Party asked the state Commissioner of Political Practice to investigate who paid the professional petitioners who got the Green Party on the ballot earlier this year. See this story.

Illinois Green Party Picks Presidential and Vice-Presidential Stand-ins

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Illinois has no party petition procedure. It only has candidate petitions. There are no qualified third parties in Illinois currently. But Illinois does permit presidential and vice-presidential stand-ins on the candidate petition, so that parties can get started before they have chosen their national nominees.
The Illinois Green Party has chosen Howie Hawkins for its stand-in presidential nominee, and Diane Moxley as the vice-presidential stand-in.

Constitution Party Will Consider Alternatives to Traditional Presidential Convention

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The Constitution Party national presidential convention is scheduled for St. Louis, April 29-May 2. But the city has banned public gatherings larger than 50 people. The national executive committee of the party will discuss how to proceed, at a meeting next week.

Three Minnesota Political Parties Ask Governor and Secretary of State to Suspend General Election Petition Requirements

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On March 16, the Minnesota Green, Independence, and Libertarian Parties jointly sent letters to the Governor and Secretary of State, asking that petitioning requirements for the general election be suspended or repealed. There are bills pending in the legislature that would eliminate such petitions for parties that had polled 1% for any statewide office in the last election anyway. Thanks to John Andrews for this news.

Montana Libertarian Party Will Replace U.S. Senate Candidate

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The only individual who filed for the Montana Libertarian U.S. Senate primary dropped out on the deadline day, leaving the party with no candidate. But according to this news story, the party has the legal right to choose a new nominee. The article explores the possibility that the individual who dropped out was planning the move with the ulterior motive of leaving the party with no nominee.

Joshua Smith—Decentralized Revolution: The Mises Caucus Podcast

Thursday, March 12, 2020

New Mexico Libertarian Party Has Most Candidates for State Legislature of Any Third Party in 100 Years

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The New Mexico Libertarian Party has 12 candidates for State House on its June primary ballot, and 6 candidates for State Senate. That is the highest number of legislative candidates that any party, other than the Democratic and Republican Parties, has had in New Mexico since the 1910’s decade.
Historically, New Mexico has not had vigorous third parties, relative to other western states.

Libertarian and Green Parties of Maryland Say Petitioning is Becoming Difficult

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The Green Party of Maryland, and the Libertarian Party of Maryland, have issued this press release. Both parties are engaged in petitioning to get back on the ballot. They say the corona virus problem has made petitioning much more difficult, and ask the State Board of Elections to put them both on the ballot.

Massachusetts Green Party Presidential Primary Results

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The Green Party had a presidential primary in Massachusetts, and the results are now posted on the Secretary of the Commonwealth website: write-ins 369, no preference 316, Dario Hunter 224, Howie Hawkins 217, Sedinam K.C. Curry 141, Kent Mesplay 55, David Rolde 4.

Massachusetts Libertarian Presidential Primary Election Returns

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The Libertarian Party had a presidential primary in Massachusetts on March 3. The Secretary of the Commonwealth website now has the results: 958 write-ins, 804 for “no preference”, 398 for Vermin Supreme, 369 for Jacob Hornberger, 324 blank, Dan Behrman 294, Kim Ruff 224, Arvin Vohra 151, Ken Armstrong 145, Jo Jorgensen 141, Sam Robb 127, Adam Kokesh 125, Max Abramson 98.

Working Families Party Switches its Presidential Endorsement from Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders

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On March 9, the Working Families Party switched its presidential endorsement from Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders. See this story. Thanks to Ken Bush for the news.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Myers 2020 Responds to Idaho Disinformation Campaign

Disturbing news from Idaho has just reached the Myers 2020 campaign.  According to an article in Sunday's; Challis Register, (Wikipedia Article On ID Post Register), it was falsely reported that the Myers' campaign has been suspended.  The online version has now been corrected.

The timing of this report, just prior to the Idaho primary election on Tuesday, March 10, precludes any meaningful response.

According to J.R.Myers, "It is clearly a dirty campaign trick, perpetrated by a rival campaign with the full collusion of the newspaper.  The Myers 2020 Campaign never received an inquiry from the reporter.  I never spoke to anyone with the Challis Messenger or the Idaho Post Register.  I had just finished participating in the Free & Equal POTUS Candidates Debate in Chicago, and received over 14% of the vote in the California super-Tuesday AIP primary.  Clearly, this is further proof of the reality of Fake News meant to suppress candidate votes and thereby improperly influence a federal Presidential campaign.  It will be interesting to note if any of my rival  campaigns purchased any ad space with the Post Register or affiliated media?"  Opined Idaho Constitution Party Presidential candidate J.R.Myers.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Green Party Candidate on Ballot for Special U.S. Senate Election in Georgia

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The Green Party has never been on the ballot for any Georgia election for federal or state office. However, at the special U.S. Senate election in November 2020, the party will have a candidate on the ballot. He is John Fortun, and he will have the ballot label “Green” next to his name.
Georgia special elections do not require any petition; they just require a fee. Parties don’t have nominees, and candidates file as individuals. Also running in that election will be six Republicans, eight Democrats, one Libertarian, and four independents. If no one gets 50%, there will be a run-off in January 2021. Thanks to Don Webb for this news.

Montana Green Party Petition is Valid

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On March 6, the Montana Secretary of State announced that the 2020 Green Party petition has enough valid signatures. The requirement is 5,000, and the party petition had 11,000 signatures. This is the first petition success for the Green Party (relative to getting on the 2020 ballot) since the November 2018 election.
Meanwhile, the party is still in U.S. District Court over the unequal distribution requirement for that type of petition. The law requires signatures from at least one-third of the state house districts. But even though house districts are presumed to have equal populations, the law requires that in some districts as many as 150 valid signatures are needed, while in others the requirement can be as low as 55 signatures. Such a law clearly violates the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Moore v Ogilvie, an Illinois decision that said when distribution requirements exist for statewide petitions, all the voters in each district must be treated equally. The Montana law gives more power to voters in some house districts than in others.
The lawsuit is Montana Green Party v Stapleton, 6:18cv-87.

Friday, March 6, 2020

California Primary Results of Free & Equal/Open The Debates Chicago Debate Candidates

                                          CA SOS Semi-Offical Election Results 3/6/2020

Current results of the California Super-Tuesday Primary Election vote of March 3, 2020 provide an interesting comparision of the relative electoral strength of many candidates currently leading the pack in the alternative political marketplace.

Significantly, this was the first election in California that voters were able to register, or change registrations at the polling place on election day.  Also, since many of the parties' primaries aren't binding, this was the only plebiscite of these candidates.  Since California is the largest state in population with 55 Electoral Votes, these results are noteworthy.

                                          Free & Equal 2020 Chicago Presidential Debate

The day after the election, a well-publicized and now historic candidates debate was held at the Chicago Hilton co-sponsored by Free & Equal and Open The Debates.  It was moderated by well known political activist, Christina Tobin.  There were 18 candidates, representing several diverse parties, participating in two debates of  9 candidates each.  Each debate lasted about 3.5 hours throughout the afternoon and evening.

Fifteen of those candidates had also appeared on the California primary ballot the day before.  The California results were not yet realized at the time of the debate.  As of 3/6/2020, the California Secretary of State is reporting vote totals, including for those 15 candidates who also participated in the Chicago Open Presidential Debate.  J.R.Myers of the newly formed Life & Liberty Party is currently the frontrunner among the 'Chicago Fifteen' at 5,898 votes and counting.  With nearly 3 1/2 million votes yet to be tallied, things could change.

CA Primary Election 2020 Unprocessed Ballots Report

American Independent Party
Charles Kraut (Constitution Party) - 4,931
J.R.Myers (Life & Liberty Party) - 5,898

Democratic Party
Mosie Boyd - 1,300
Mark Stewart Greenstein - 2,516

Green Party
Howie Hawkins - 2,698
Sedinam Moyowasifza-Curry - 1,362

Libertarian Party
Ken Armstrong - 2,210
Dan Behrman - 1,196
Erik Chase Gerhardt - 557
Jo Jorgensen - 2,291
Adam Kokesh - 1,494
Vermin Supreme - 2,291

Peace & Freedom Party
Howie Hawkins (Green Party) - 1,560
Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation) - 3,037

Republican Party
Zoltan G. Istvan - 5,815

Chicago Debate Candidates' running CA Vote Total: 39,156

Free and Equal & Open the Debates Chicago Presidential Candidates' Debates

Debate One
Debate Two

Krzysztof Lesiak Interviews J.R.Myers at the Chicago Hilton

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Prohibition Party Nominee Phil Collins Wins AIP Primary In California

With 96% of the vote in, Prohibition Party Presidential nominee Phil Collins will win the American Independent Party Primary with 32% of the vote.  He will be the first prohibitionist on the ballot in California since E. Harold Munn in 1964, though Mr. Munn was under the Prohibition ticket where as Mr. Collins will under the AIP banner.

Below is the county by county breakdown of results

With this victory, Phil Collins may have ballot status in California under the American Independent Party banner though he, in theory, will still need to get the blessing of the AIP party faithful as a primary isn't law binding.  The AIP choose Donald Trump as their nominee in 2016.  Phil Collins along with his running mate Billy Joe Parker make up the 2020 ticket for the Prohibition Party.

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

News Story on California Assemblymember Chad Mayes, Who Switched from Republican to Independent

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Assemblymember Chad Mayes is the only independent in the California legislature. He switched late last year and is running for re-election. Here is a Desert Sun newspaper story about his campaign for re-election.