Friday, February 7, 2020

Virginia Libertarian Party Chooses Stand-in Nominees for President and Vice-President

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The Virginia Libertarian Party presidential petition is circulating. Virginia has no petition for a group to become a qualified party; it just has candidate petitions. But at least the state law lets unqualified parties circulate a petition with stand-ins. The Virginia Libertarian Party 2020 presidential petition shows Carla Howell for president, and Bob Johnston for vice-president. When the party chooses its actual nominees on the Memorial Day weekend, Howell and Johnston will withdraw and the actual nominees will take their place.
The Illinois and Pennsylvania Libertarian Parties are in the same situation, and will soon be choosing stand-in nominees. Presumably other minor parties that expect to be on the ballot in those three states will also soon choose stand-ins. The Pennsylvania petitioning period begins later this month; the Illinois petitioning period starts in March.

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