Friday, February 7, 2020

New California Registration Data

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On February 6, the California Secretary of State released a registration tally for January 3, 2020. All qualified political parties gained registration as a percentage of the total (except for Green), and the number of independents declined. Here is a link.
The percentages are: Democratic 44.59%; Republican 23.71%; American Independent 2.94%; Libertarian .86%; Peace & Freedom .46%; Green .44%; unknown .50%; other .59%; independent 25.90%.
The percentages at the last tally, the October 1, 2019 tally, were: Democratic 44.06%; Republican 23.58%; American Independent 2.86%; Libertarian .84%; Green .45%; Peace & Freedom .44%; unknown .47%; other .56%; independent 26.74%.
This is the first time since the Green Party gained qualified status that the Peace & Freedom Party has more registrants than the Green Party.
For the unqualified parties, the Common Sense Party showed considerable growth, although it is still far from being qualified. It now has 9,819 registrants, whereas at the previous tally it had 5,519. It is too late for it to qualify for the congressional and state office 2020 primary, but it can still qualify to have a presidential nominee if it increases its registration to approximately 68,000 by July 2020.
The Constitution Party appears to have suffered because some counties seemed to have showed zero registrants, whereas it had registrants in those same counties at the last tally. This may be because the registrants are registered “Constitution” but the party’s paperwork, filed late last year, shows the name of the party is the “Constitution Party of California”, so some counties take that literally and don’t include “Constitution”.

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