Saturday, February 15, 2020

A3PR Exclusive: Interview with Phil Collins, Prohibition Party Nominee for President

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by Adam Seaman

Recently, I was able to get in touch with Prohibition Party candidate Phil Collins on his run for the White House. Here is what he had to say:

Question: What does your candidacy bring to the 2020 Presidential election that is different from other candidates?

Answer: I'm the only candidate, in  my race, who reminds people about the harmful effects of alcohol, including cancer and heart problems.

Question: There are efforts to get on the ballot in several states for 2020, How is that coming along?

Answer: I'll be on the California primary ballot.  In Nov., I'll be on the ballot in Arkansas.  I'll probably be on the ballot in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Colorado.

Question: Global Warming is a hotbed issue in this election, What is your stance on this issue?

Answer: Some scientists say we have global warming, and some scientists say we have global cooling. I haven't seen enough proof, either way.  If I see proof that Americans have done anything that changed the weather, I'll try to ensure that we'll reduce that, as much as possible.

Question: If elected, What would you do concerning electoral reform?

Answer: I think that's a state issue.  I want to encourage each state legislature to pass a bill that would require people to prove U.S. citizenship, when they register to vote.  The same bill should state that, whenever someone votes, in person, he or she must show a photo ID. 

Question: What are the core issues of the Collins/Parker campaign?

Answer: We want to discourage alcohol consumption.  We support a balanced budget, so we think that Congress should cut spending, especially education spending, since federal education spending doesn't obey the 10th Amendment.  We think that ICE should patrol the border at least as well as they do, now, and ensure that no more illegal aliens will enter the U.S.

Question: What do you plan to do to campaign and do you think you can beat Jim Hedges vote total 4 years ago that was the party's best showing since 1988?

Answer: I'll campaign by using Facebook and twitter and by requesting interviews from reporters who interviewed Mr. Hedges.  I think that I'll receive more votes than he did, partly because I'll be on more ballots.  He was on the ballots in three states.  I'll be on the ballots in five states.

Question: The Prohibition Party is growing and garnering younger supporters, How do you feel about the future of the party?

Answer: I feel optimistic about it.  The party got more members, since I joined in 2014.  I see no reason why that trend won't continue.

Question: Do you support the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Movement that has invigorated activists in Virginia and seems to be taking hold in other Mid-South states and Why?

Answer: Yes, I support it.  I think that every part of the U.S. should obey the 2nd Amendment because it's an important right that Americans have to defend themselves.

Question: How would you have handled the recent crisis with Iran after they had bombarded some of air bases in Iraq?

Answer: I would have done exactly the same thing that President Trump did.

Question: Give us a Prohibition state of the Union, what are your thoughts on the status of this country?

Answer: I think the economy has been improving during the past four years.  However, the national debt has been increasing.  The president and Congress should abolish spending that isn't mentioned in the Constitution.  Since the federal government would need less money, the same bill should cut spending. 

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Thank you Phil for your time and good luck to you in the AIP California primary coming up and in the General election in November!


NewFederalist said...

Excellent interview! It would be great if Mr. Collins could appear on more than just half a dozen or less state ballots. He seems like a solid person who represents his party well.

Andrey Tumashov said...

I wish you to win!