Saturday, January 4, 2020

Richard K. Troxell, 1968 Constitution Party Presidential Nominee, Dies

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Richard K. Troxell, who was the Constitution Party’s 1968 presidential candidate, died on December 26, 2019, at the age of 91. The Constitution Party that nominated him had been formed in 1950 and ceased to exist in 1969. It is not the same as today’s Constitution Party.
Troxell was only on the ballot in 1968 in North Dakota.
Charlene Mitchell, the Communist Party’s presidential nominee in 1968, is now the only living presidential candidate from that general election. 

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NewFederalist said...

This variant of the Constitution Party was actually called the Constitution Parties of the United States. Each state party was sovereign just as each state is supposed to be. The national committee was advisory only and had no control over each state affiliate. They became interested in backing Governor George Wallace for president as early as 1966 and basically were absorbed by the American Independent Party. Many state parties had slightly different names such as American Constitution Party or Christian Constitution Party or Constitutional Party and I believe one state was even called the Patriotic Party. Who knows, if Wallace had decided to take them up on their offer perhaps this organization would still be around.