Thursday, January 16, 2020


Constitution Party of Virginia


January 15th, 2020 

Contact: John B. Bloom, 
Constitution Party of Virginia 


John Bloom, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia, urges all Constitutional Republic to stand up for the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and part of OUR “BILL OF RIGHTS” at the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) Lobby Day. It is time for ALL Americans to stand up for the Constitution. As a result of the Republican’s failure to stand up for the Constitution, especially the attacks on the First Amendment by Donald Trump, the Republican Party lost control of BOTH Houses of the Virginia Legislature for the first time in over 20 years, and that is after the Republicans redrew State Delegate and Senate and Delegate Districts. NOW, the Democrats that now control Virginia State Government are poised to pass GUN CONTROL Legislation, vice CRIMINAL CONTROL Legislation. Sir Edmund Burke put it best when he said, “Bad laws are the worst sort of TYRANNY.” That is exactly what the Democrats intend to do, pass “feel good” legislation that will not deter gun related deaths. Governor Ralph Northam already made the State Capital Building into a SOFT TARGET, like schools and other gun prohibited areas, where CRIMINALS know that there will be no armed Citizens to prevent or stop the slaughter of innocent people. 

The VCDL Lobby Day is organized by people who are willing to take a stand to protect the rights of Virginians to keep and bear arms, and this event has been scheduled on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day for many years. Though there will be others outside of Virginia attending this event, the Constitution Party of New York will have a presence at this event. IF White Supremacists attend, we at the CPV request they leave their White Supremacy and HATRED at home. This event has always been a peaceful event and we aim to keep it that way, with no violence or deaths. Last year Mr. Bloom HONORED Dr. King by telling Dr. King’s story of how the Alabama Government DENIED Dr. King the right to have a handgun after HIS house was BOMBED! The Constitution Party of Virginia urges all Virginians to attend the VCDL Lobby Day, and talk to your State Delegates and State Senators, especially DEMOCRATS. Mr. Bloom intends to speak with his State Delegate Democrat Shelly Simonds, who lost the Delegate District seat by a COIN FLIP in 2017, she won in a landslide in 2019 against Republican Incumbent David Yancey and also intends to speak with State Senator Monte Mason who he ran against in 2016 as a VCDL endorsed candidate running against Senator Mason and a typical Virginia PRO-GUN Control TRUMP REPUBLICAN. 

Mr. Bloom will be handing out 100 posters that read “BAD LAWS ARE THE WORST SORT OF TYRANNY” to the first 100 people who request one to be reserved for them. Sir Edmund Burke also stated “In a Democracy the majority of the citizens is capable of exercising the most cruel oppression upon the minority.” That is what the Democrat Majority plans on doing to Virginians, especially gun owners. However, laws passed by Republicans and Democrats are by far the most Tyrannical, NAFTA (Not A Free Trade Agreement) and the Patriot Act which violates the 4th Amendment and allows spying on American Citizens. All those interested in attending the VCDL Lobby Day can join the event at this link: CPV AT THE VCDL LOBBY DAY. Samm Tittle, who is seeking the Constitution Party of Virginia Nomination, will also be attending this event. Contact Mr. Bloom at to coordinate Media availability for Mr. Bloom or Ms. Tittle directly at Virginian and Author Charles Kraut, who is also seeking the Constitution Party of Virginia Nomination for President has personal obligations and will not be able to attend this event, however his Campaign Manager and CPV Treasurer Paul Provance will be attending, media can contact Mr. Kraut at and Mr. Provance at

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