Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Idaho Constitution Party Primary Set

As of the closing of candidate filing, there are now six candidates on the Idaho Constitution Party ballot for March 3, 2020.  They are:

Don Blankenship (Con-WV)

Daniel Clyde Cummings (Con-UT)
Don J. Grundmann (Con-CA)
Charles Kraut (Con-VA)
J.R. Myers (Con-MT)
Sheila “Samm” Tittle (Con-VA)

Strangely, Charles Kraut, was listed two days after the statutory deadline.

The complete primary list for all parties may be found here:  Official Idaho SOS 2020 Primary Candidates List

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FWW said...

CP-Idaho received verbal commitments for all six presidential candidates that they would participate in the Boise Debate, set for February 29, 2020.

Will be an interesting field.