Monday, December 16, 2019

Constitution Party Of Utah Fails To Attract Any Presidential Candidates

Interestingly, the Constitution Party affiliate in Utah (home state of the national CP chairman), notified the Utah Secretary of State that they would be participating in the upcoming primary election, March 3, 2020.  It only cost $500.00 for a candidate to file. That is relatively inexpensive for ballot access.  For example, the IDCP primary costs $1,000.00 per candidate. It was able to garner six candidates for it's March 10, 2020 primary.  

Unfortunately, not a single candidate filed for President under the CP UT, a state with almost double the population of Idaho.

See Vote Utah Official Candidate List


John Bloom said...

Has the deadline passed?

Anonymous said...

Yes, December 2, 2019 was Utah's primary declaration deadline.

Cody Quirk said...

Does Don Blankenship not want to file in the Utah primary?

Charles Kraut said...
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Charles Kraut said...

I would certainly have filed on time had I known about the deadline.

FWW said...

Had CP-Idaho known that CP-Utah intended to hold a presidential primary, we would have counseled our presidential candidates to declare in Utah as well. That only stands to reason, being an immediately adjacent State here in the Inland Empire.

But, we did not know until after the fact. A pair of actual statewide primaries would have added heft to the presidential primary candidate slate in both States, assuming the Utah primary result would have been a hard count as Idaho's is.

Unfortunately, an opportunity was lost by failure to communicate and promote. Scriptures remind that we should not keep our lamp under a basket; no one will see the light. CP-Idaho has made no secret of our intent to primary. It was announced early, and the flame of interest party wide has been kept fueled.

The result of CP-Idaho actively encouraging candidates to participate has resulted in six citizens standing at our March 10, 2020 presidential primary. Even more exciting is that these six candidates will also participate in our upcoming "Boise Debate" scheduled for February 29, 2020.

Discretion dictates that more pointed comments be withheld. Still, it was an opportunity squandered.

Cody Quirk said...

I'm also thinking the Utah CP did not want any of your party, or its candidates, to know about their presidential primary.

Mission overly accomplished then. :3