Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Maryland CP Chairman Resigns

In an e-mail received from Michael Bertocchi, former Chairman of the Constitution Party of Maryland-
“Hello and I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays. 
The new Constitution Party of Maryland chairman is Eastern States Chairman Mario Mariotti because I’m supporting President Donald J. Trump." 
Mario’s phone number is (978) 608-6367 and email address is: 
Thank you. 
Michael R. BertocchiRockville, Maryland301-814-2005Former Chairman Marylanders for Constitutional GovernanceConstitution Party state 

J.R.Myers: 'Stop The Impeachment Madness!'

“The Democratic Party is committing Hari Kari as we speak. Stop the partisan division of America! The people are watching and will act accordingly at the polls.”  -J.R.Myers

Monday, December 16, 2019

Constitution Party Of Utah Fails To Attract Any Presidential Candidates

Interestingly, the Constitution Party affiliate in Utah (home state of the national CP chairman), notified the Utah Secretary of State that they would be participating in the upcoming primary election, March 3, 2020.  It only cost $500.00 for a candidate to file. That is relatively inexpensive for ballot access.  For example, the IDCP primary costs $1,000.00 per candidate. It was able to garner six candidates for it's March 10, 2020 primary.  

Unfortunately, not a single candidate filed for President under the CP UT, a state with almost double the population of Idaho.

See Vote Utah Official Candidate List

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Idaho Constitution Party Primary Set

As of the closing of candidate filing, there are now six candidates on the Idaho Constitution Party ballot for March 3, 2020.  They are:

Don Blankenship (Con-WV)

Daniel Clyde Cummings (Con-UT)
Don J. Grundmann (Con-CA)
Charles Kraut (Con-VA)
J.R. Myers (Con-MT)
Sheila “Samm” Tittle (Con-VA)

Strangely, Charles Kraut, was listed two days after the statutory deadline.

The complete primary list for all parties may be found here:  Official Idaho SOS 2020 Primary Candidates List

Friday, December 6, 2019

Official California AIP POTUS Primary Ballot Announced

  • Don Blankenship (Constitution) 
  • Phil Collins (Prohibition) 
  • Rocky De La Fuente (American Delta) 
  • Charles Kraut (Constitution) 
  • and J.R.Myers (Life & Liberty)
The AIP primary is now open to over 5 million unaffiliated voters.  The actual nominee will be selected by the CA AIP Central Committee following the primary, which is nonbinding.  In 2016, the AIP nominated Donald Trump, due to his purported winning of the AIP write-in vote.