Wednesday, November 6, 2019

American Independent Party Submits 9 Candidates to California SOS for POTUS 2020 Primary

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From Ballot Access News comes this report on the AIP 2020 primary election list for President of the United States.

According to B.A.N., "The American Independent Party, which is ballot-qualified in California and has its own presidential primary in March 2020, has asked the Secretary of State to list nine presidential candidates on its ballot. Most of them are also seeking the nomination of some other party as well. These candidates will not appear unless they tell the Secretary of State that they want to be on the AIP ballot.
The candidates who are seeking the Republican nomination as well, and which are on the AIP list, are President Donald Trump, William Weld, Joe Walsh, Mark Sanford, and Rocky De La Fuente.
Others on the AIP list are: Phil Collins, who is already the Prohibition Party nominee; Don Blankenship, who is seeking the Constitution Party nomination; J.R. Myers, who is seeking the nomination of his newly-formed Life and Liberty Party; and Tom Hoefling, who was the AIP presidential nominee in 2012."


NewFederalist said...

It's a real shame this site is not more active. IPR seems to be imploding and BAN lets ANYONE post drivel. This site has a real opportunity to thrive but it seems NOT to be taking advantage of the chance.

Rev. James Clifton said...

Isn't it American Independent Party, not Independence?

NewFederalist said...