Monday, September 23, 2019

J.R.Myers: Sacrifice At Midnight; On The Campaign Trail In ID

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"Here's the mugshots of CP-Idaho booth staff at Latah County 2019 Fair. Left to right: State Chairman F.W. Whitley, J.R. Myers of Montana (2020 Idaho presidential primary candidate), D.H. Hartigan (CP-Idaho State Area 3 Chair and State Chaplain) and J. Hartley, CP-Idaho Acting State Vice Chairman."

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First, I wanted to thank the Chairman, his wife and the members of the CPID for inviting and hosting me.  It was certainly another real adventure!  Little did I know that I would be spending Midnight on the side of the highway overlooking the lights of Lewiston, Idaho from high above the city at the top of, "The Grade", at the end of my first day of campaigning.

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CPID - Latah County Fair Booth

It was about 11:00pm Idaho time (Midnight Montana time) September, Saturday the 14th, 2019. I had just enjoyed the evening at the Latah County Fair in Moscow, Idaho. I had brought campaign literature for the booth, met a former colleague and rode the Gravitron and The Zipper. That was fun. Upon leaving the fair in my car, I followed the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Idaho, and his guests home to stay overnight at his farm about 90 miles away. His passengers included Dave Hartigan and his wife Connie. None of us could have imagined what would transpire next. As we were cruising down the controlled access gated highway with the full moon overhead, just before descending into Lewiston, suddenly a flock of about twenty sheep swarmed the highway immediately in front of the car ahead of me. The car driven by CPID Chairman Whitley. Clearly, at least one sheep had met its quick demise. Almost $6,000.00 damage was done to Chairman Whitley's car.  Thankfully, no one was injured. I had been able to stop, as had the traffic behind me without hitting any sheep. It all happened very quickly. The single sheep carcass was removed from the highway.  We then waited for the Highway Patrol, the Tow Truck and the Shepherd to arrive. Then, we all got into my car and headed to the farm. The next day, I returned to the Fair for a few hours, before returning to Montana.


What a night to remember.  Little do most realize the perils of the campaign trail.  Be safe out there.

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CPID Poll at Latah County Fair

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