Monday, September 23, 2019

Erie County Libertarians knocked off ballot after nomination certificates invalidated

Erie County Elections Commissioners Ralph Mohr (from left) and Jeremy Zellner discuss the new early voting system Sept. 9. They invalidated all of the Erie County Libertarian Party's certificates of nomination.
by Tom Dinki, WBFO 8.87

Libertarians finally gained automatic ballot access in New York state last year, but you won’t see any Libertarians on the ballot for Erie County races this November.

The Erie County Board of Elections invalidated the entire party line’s certificates of nomination earlier this month, saying there were deficiencies on the forms that violate state election law.

Four of the 18 would-be Libertarian nominees challenged the Board of Elections in a validation proceeding Wednesday, but state Supreme Court Justice Frank A. Sedita III upheld the decision, saying the Board of Elections simply followed state election law. 
Erie County Libertarian Party Chairman Duane Whitmer told WBFO the deficiencies were technicalities that should have not been held against the party. He alleged Erie County Democrats and Republicans conspired to knock Libertarians off the ballot.
“This is an example of the two parties coming together and suppressing the third parties,” he said after Wednesday’s court proceeding. “They have the time and resources. The (elections) commissioners are paid $120,000 a year in taxpayer funds to make sure that third parties can’t compete.”..
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