Thursday, September 12, 2019

Common Sense Party Says it Already Has Over 10,000 Registered Members in California

Ballot Access News

The Common Sense Party of California is trying to become ballot-qualified. According to the party’s press release, it already has over 10,000 registered voters. It needs registration equal to .33% of the total state registration in order to qualify. If it qualifies by October 2, 2019, its members may run for Congress and legislature in the March 2020 primary with the party label on the ballot next to their names. If it doesn’t qualify by then, but it does qualify by July 6, 2020, it can place a presidential nominee on the November 2020 ballot.
The law doesn’t permit anyone to know at this time exactly how many registrations the party needs. The .33% is applied to the state registration tally as of the deadline, which of course is in the future. But in October 2019 the requirement will probably be 70,000. When the percentage is applied, voters who are listed as having “unknown” registration are excluded from the denominator. “Unknown” voters are those who were registered automatically because they have drivers licenses or state ID cards, but they have never been asked to choose a partisan affiliation.

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