Thursday, September 12, 2019

Chafee discusses 2020 Libertarian presidential bid

Lincoln Chafee

by Ethan Hartley, Cranston Herald

A familiar face will be in the news again as the run-up to the 2020 presidential election begins to churn, as former Republican Senator, former Independent-turned-Democratic Rhode Island Governor and former Warwick mayor Lincoln Chafee is pursuing a bid – this time on the Libertarian ticket.
“The bottom line is I still do care about the direction of the country and I have some experience in getting elected to office, and this is an opportunity to continue expressing my opinions,” he said on Tuesday in a phone interview. “I still enjoy having the opportunity to make this country better for our children and our grandchildren.”
Chafee, who sought the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, further expounded upon his interest in another presidential run. He described being approached by members of the Libertarian Party after he registered as a Libertarian voter in Teton County, Wyoming, where he maintains a residence in Jackson.
Although he admitted that the interest he received from the party was “unexpected,” Chafee said that he was also “surprised” by how many of the core tenants and principles of the Libertarian he identified and agreed with – listing off a few, they include being anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-torture, pro-gay rights, pro-choice (“Let people make their own personal decisions,” he said) and being “anti-deficit.”
“Both parties are guilty of the deficit,” Chafee said of the two traditional political parties. “Another trillion dollars this year…That's Republicans and Democrats, and something has got to change.”..
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NewFederalist said...

Perhaps the Libertarian Party would be better off if it did NOT have such excellent ballot access! Yet another interloper seeking to take advantage of potentially 50 state ballot access to become a footnote in history.

Andy said...

Another charlaton looking to hijack the LP's ballot access and turn the LP into "controlled opposition".