Monday, September 9, 2019

J.R.Myers: Alaska CP Roars Past 500!

As of the most recently available statistics from the Alaska Division of Elections on 9/3/2019, the Alaska Constitution Party, the official affiliate of the national Life & Liberty Party has, for the first time ever, exceeded 500 registered voters.  Typical growth has been about 3-4 per month. The most recent official tally gives the ACP 514 registered Alaskan voters!  This is an increase of 14 voters in a month.  This is many more than the California CP, and serves as a testimony to the love of the Constitution, Rule of Law and Life & Liberty which the people of Alaska exhibit.  Our Life & Liberty Party affiliate, the Alaska CP continues to grow, in response to our message of hope! This bodes well for 2020.


FWW said...

IDAHO @ 3,148 registered.

Our record registration total coincided with the 2018 November election, @ 3,212.

Having monitored the registrations in Idaho since January 2012 (when we had 168 registered), it is typical for registrations to swell at the general elections. Then, Idaho Code requires a statewide purge of the voter lists in the first quarter of the off-year, and a drop occurs (in all parties) as inactive voters are taken off the rolls.

During the odd-year, we more or less reach at a plateau...until registrations again start picking up in the 4th quarter in the off-year. So, our registrations stair step upward.

In any case, CP-Idaho stands with the Alaska CP.

dniggemeyer1985 said...

That's AWESOME!!!