Thursday, September 12, 2019

Alabama Secretary of State Hints that If State Loses Libertarian Lawsuit on Access to Voter List, the Legislature Might Charge All Parties for the List

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On September 11, the Alabama Secretary of State filed his answer in U.S. District Court in Libertarian Party of Alabama v Merrill, m.d., 2:19cv-69. This is the case in which the Libertarian Party challenges the state law that says the qualified parties get a free list of the registered voters, but unqualified parties (even those that are petitioning) must pay $34,000 for the list.
The answer contains a remark that suggests if the state loses the lawsuit, it might repeal the existing law that allows the qualified parties to get a free copy of the list. The law also lets any incumbent legislator have a free list of the voters in his or her district; presumably the legislature would not repeal that provision.

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