Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Nine Political Parties that are Not Ballot-Qualified in California Have Asked to Have Registrations Tallied

Ballot Access News

In California and a few other states, groups that are not qualified can become qualified if they persuade enough voters to join their party on voter registration forms. Here is the list of nine groups that have asked California election officials to tally their registrants.
No group has successfully gained qualified status in California by a registration drive since 2003, when the Peace & Freedom Party (which had gone off the ballot in November 1998) gained enough registrations to re-qualify. The last time an entirely new party did a successful registration drive in California was 1995, when both the Natural Law Party and the Reform Party qualified.
For 2020, the number of registrations needed cannot be known exactly, because the law requires .33% of the total state registration. “Total state registration” for this purpose is the number of registered voters in California, not counting the small number whose party affiliation is “unknown.”

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