Saturday, August 10, 2019

Louisiana Secretary of State Posts Candidate List for 2019 State Election

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Louisiana elects all its state legislators, and all its statewide state officers, in October 2019. On August 8, the Secretary of State posted a list of candidates for that election. See here, and choose “View Qualified Candidates.”
The Independent Party and the Libertarian Party are the only minor parties with any candidates. The Independent Party is running Gary Landrieu for Governor. It also has one candidate for the State Senate, and seven for State House.
The Libertarian Party has two State Senate candidates and four State House candidates.
In Louisiana, actual independent candidates (for office other than President) appear on the ballot with this label: “No party.” One actual independent legislator, Joseph A. Marino III of Gretna, is running for re-election in the 85th district and he has no opponents, so he will be re-elected. Louisiana does not permit write-in votes.

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