Friday, August 2, 2019

Life and Liberty Party Earns 2020 POTUS Ballot in Arkansas

The newly organizing Life and Liberty Party has achieved ballot access for its Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in Arkansas.  This is the first state that the Life and Liberty Party has obtained ballot access under its own name.   

The Life and Liberty Party is a coalition of parties across the nation.  They are centered on the Constitution of the United States of America, and upholding the rule of law.  Currently, the Alaska Constitution Party is also an affiliate of the L&L Party.  Association discussions are underway with several other state parties and potential candidates.  For more information see the L & L website at Life and Liberty Party


FWW said...

I am compelled to take issue with a report (June 2, 2019) found on the L&L Party website which claims that CP-Idaho is "on board".

Actually, CP-Idaho's relation with the L&L Party has been, and should continue to be, considered as informal. In fact, the 3rd quarter CP-Idaho State Central Committee (SCC) conference call (Thursday evening, July 18th) TABLED a so-called "coalition agreement"...due to a number of technical reasons.

This tabling was published in minutes of the 3rd quarter SCC call. These minutes were forwarded to the conference call participants and to the invitees to the call on Friday morning, July 19th, the following morning.

The future of CP-Idaho's relation with the L&L Party will be taken up in the pending 4th quarter SCC Conference Call (+/- Thursday evening, October 17th--TBA). That said, the L&L proposal is not an overly urgent priority at this point.

CP-Idaho's immediate interests rest in concluding our public outreach booth at the Latah County Fair--September 12-15. We are developing economic planks and so forth for the 2020 campaigns, and we are also close to announcing a presidential candidate, or possibly two, in the upcoming March 2020 CP-Idaho Primary.

J.R.Myers said...

The Idaho CP Chairman is correct. The L & L webisite has been updated to reflect current facts on the ground. While we hope to maintain a working relationship with the IDCP, and others, the L & L Party will continue to organize in various other states and to engage independently in discussions with potential candidates. The L & L Party is entirely autonomous and independent from the control of any other party, only bona fide coalition partners have a voice within the L & L Party. That doesn't include the Idaho CP at this time.

Unknown said...

J.R. Myers,

Good luck with the Life and Liberty Party. Here's a link to an article that may be of interest:

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