Saturday, August 24, 2019


J.R.Myers, Chairman of the newly formed Life & Liberty Party, has announced his intentions to run for President of the United States in 2020.  J.R. had sought the Constitution Party POTUS nomination in 2016.  He appeared on the California American Independent Party primary ballot, winning three counties.  He also came in second place in the Constitution Party of Idaho primary that year, ending up on the General Election ballot as the Vice Presidential running mate of CPID POTUS nominee, Scott Copeland.

Initially, J.R.Myers will be seeking the American Independent Party ballot line in California, the Constitution Party of Idaho ballot line and the Life and Liberty Party ballot line in Arkansas.  He is also seeking ballot access and write-in status in several other states.  He hopes to be on the ballot in enough states to meet the theoretical threshold of victory at 270 Electoral Votes.

More at J.R.'s website blog: J.R.'s Video Blog


FWW said...

Announced this morning, Mr. J.R. Myers (of Montana) joins Mr. Darcy Richardson (of Florida) in seeking the Constitution Party of Idaho's presidential nomination in the statewide primary on March 10, 2020.

CP-Idaho welcomes both presidential candidates. Preliminary work has begun on at least one presidential debate to be held in Idaho in conjunction with the 2020 primary campaign. Details will be announced as we move forward.

Again, CP-Idaho welcomes candidate Richardson and candidate Myers to the 2020 Idaho primary.

NewFederalist said...

Does Darcy Richardson have any chance?

FWW said...

"Does Darcy Richardson have any chance?" I am uncertain as to the meaning of your question.

FWW said...

Our CP-Idaho primary is fair and square. There are not games being played behind closed doors. All candidates have an equal opportunity to rise or fall based upon their merits.

So, if you are asking me whether Mr. Richardson can win the CP-Idaho statewide primary and become the CP-Idaho candidate on the November 2020 ballot, then I believe the answer is resoundingly "Yes!" Absolutely.

Mr. Richardson commendably represented himself in the recent CP-Idaho 3Q central committee conference call as well spoken, knowledgeable, willing to ask, inclined to listen, determined, passionate in his beliefs and fairly straight forward--all traits necessary for the Office of President.

Am I wrong? Or, do I misunderstand your question?

FWW said...

While I am in communication with both campaigns--Mr. Myers' and Mr. Richardson's--I am not privy to either campaign's strategies. The Richardson campaign, at my request, has agreed to make available handout literature for our Latah County Fair booth in mid-September.

Mr. Myers, having only recently announced, has also received the same request for literature; and it is my understanding that his campaign will also forward public handout materials. Here in Idaho, the Latah Fair is a big deal--with 33,000 fair goers on average through the gates.

My point is that both campaigns have an equal opportunity to provide literature through this public outreach booth directly to our State's voters, in just one example.

Even though many out there may not accept this truth, but I am absolutely resolute in maintaining impartiality. THIS state party, CP-Idaho, is NOT about being a personality cult. It is about bringing citizen solutions and representation of the common man and woman.

As state chairman, impartiality is required of me professionally. And, as our state party officers know full well, I expect no less from each of them. More importantly, it is especially a matter of ethics. I humor myself to believe that every one of our officers understands this.

As for my own opinion regarding the "chance" of the currently announced CP-Idaho primary candidates, I believe (as of now, August 27, 2019) that a decision by our primary voters between these two gentlemen will be difficult because both gentlemen are competent, both have strong resumes and both are qualified...a rarity among "fringe" 3rd parties to be sure.

Because of this, an honest and serious debate upon public policies is all the more important--it will be vital to help our primary electorate make a decision. But that decision is ultimately made by the People, not party insiders. Perhaps a quaint nostalgic notion, but CP-Idaho really does believe in that kind of standard. We call it "Honor".

Unknown said...

I think Darcy will do very well in the primary. Darcy has a strong economic message and a record of working with people from across the political spectrum. JR didn't do very well in the 2016 primary and he doesn't seem to have a strong message. So, I feel that in the Idaho primary, Darcy should win by a l6

Unknown said...

Landslide, not l6