Sunday, August 18, 2019

Darcy Richardson Seeks the 2020 Reform Party Presidential Nomination

Ballot Access News

Author Darcy Richardson, who was the Reform Party nominee for Governor of Florida in 2018, has filed an FEC form indicating he will seek the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2020. The Reform Party is still on the ballot in Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.


J.R.Myers said...

Darcy should bring the remnants of the Reform Party into the Life & Liberty Party Coalition.

NewFederalist said...

I believe Mr. Richardson is quite a bit more liberal that the L&L.

FWW said...

Announced this morning, Mr. J.R. Myers joins Mr. Darcy Richardson in seeking the Constitution Party of Idaho's presidential nomination through the statewide primary on March 2020. CP-Idaho welcomes both presidential candidates.

Preliminary work has begun on at least one presidential debate to be held in Idaho in conjunction with the 2020 primary campaign. Details will be announced as we move forward.

Again, we welcome candidate Richardson and candidate Myers to the 2020 Idaho primary.