Saturday, August 10, 2019

Constitution Party of California Chairman: 'We're a totally peaceful racist group'

Article: 'A 'straight pride' leader called his organization a 'totally peaceful racist group.' The crowd erupted in laughter'

by Harmeet Kaur & Ryan Prior, CNN

When Don Grundmann took the podium to boos and jeers at a Modesto City Council meeting Wednesday, he appeared angry that some people had called his efforts to organize a "straight pride" event in the California city racist.
He singled out Council member Kristi Ah You, accusing her of "pulling the race card" and allegedly inflaming tensions by "attacking us as racists."
Then he appeared to make a slip of the tongue.
"We haven't done anything," he said. "We're a totally peaceful, racist group."
The crowd erupted in laughter.
As Grundmann tried to regain control of the room, he said his group was "here to defend all races" and claimed that Planned Parenthood was the "greatest mass murderer of blacks in this nation's history."
Shortly after, he was told his time was up and the crowd booed as he left the podium.
Grundmann, who previously ran two failed campaigns for the US Senate, leads a group called the National Straight Pride Coalition. It claims on its website that heterosexuality, the nuclear family and Western civilization, among other institutions, are under attack...
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1 comment:

FWW said...

I suppose that, in this era of gaffes (Democrats "Uncle Joe" Biden, Rep. Island Tipping" Hank Johnson, or for that matter "57 states" Obama) Grundmann's misstatement is fair subject matter for ridicule. Certainly more than enough gaffes issue forth from the D.C. establishment on an hourly basis these days.

It's almost gotten to prevailing political neurosis. In any case, not offering excuses. But the episode is an object lesson, given media is primed to target just such gaffes (think Republican VP Quayle's spelling of potato). It argues for semantic coaching, rhetorical training and public speaking/debate preparation to avoid that infamous Foot in Mouth Oscar.

That said, I do think that the article's choice of "two failed campaigns" indicates reporter bias, or yellow journalism as it were. Normally, campaigns are referred to as "unsuccessful"...not "failed" since that later term is judgmental rather than objective reporting.

Besides, as I see it, a citizen running for office is not a "failure". To the contrary, permitting uncontested races is the true failure.