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150th Anniversary of the Prohibition Party

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Prohibition Party 150th Anniversary Press Release

This year, we celebrate an important milestone in the history of the Prohibition Party. September 1st, 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Prohibition Party. The Prohibition Party is the oldest living minor party and third oldest living political party in the United States. The Prohibition Party has a long, rich, and continuing history.

The Prohibition Party held its first national conference on September 1st, 1869. Since then, the Prohibition Party has acted as a champion of temperance and prohibitionism. The Prohibition Party’s activism help lead to the temporary establishment of nationwide prohibition in the U.S., from 1920-1933. To this day, the Prohibition Party continued to advocate for strong actions to combat alcohol as a public health problem and for restricting and prohibiting the sale of alcohol.

In addition to anti-alcohol activism, the Prohibition Party has championed social reform, ethical public service, and various policies aimed at protecting and advancing the lives and wellbeing of the people. The party has advocated for reforms including women’s suffrage, civil service laws, the direct election of senators, child labor laws, civil rights laws, and many other important causes.

The Prohibition Party helped lead the way in promoting women’s participation in politics. The Prohibition Party was the first national party to formally support women’s suffrage, with its first national platform in 1872. The party elected Susanna Salter, the first women mayor in the U.S., nominated Anna Woodbey, the first African American woman candidate for office, and nominated Marie Brehm, the first legally recognized woman candidate for Vice-President, in 1924.

The Prohibition Party has run a candidate for president in every election since 1872. The party has also run numerous candidates for federal, state, and local offices. The party has elected hundreds of candidates to local offices, has elected candidates to state legislatures in multiple states, elected Charles Randall to congress in 1914, and elected Sidney Catts governor of Florida in 1916. In more recent times, James Hedges was elected Tax Assessor for Thomson Township, Pennsylvania, in 2001 and 2005. In 2016, the party had its largest presidential results since 1988. And earlier this year, Phil Collins came in second place for mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Prohibition Party has challenged the power of the major parties, contributed to our national discourse, and helped drive the progress of this country. The Prohibition Party’s activism continues to this day, and it will advance into the future, as we create the next chapters of its history.

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The Prohibition Party has elected Phil Collins (Nevada) and Billy Joe Parker (Georgia) as their 2020 ticket.  You can find out more online or on social media simply by searching for the Prohibition Party.


NewFederalist said...

As I stated elsewhere, I believe the Drys are an important part of US political history. Not only have they survived the longest of any alternative political party in the US but have been a factor in swinging election results in the past. I consider them a great protest vote in the absence of better alternatives. I tried to vote for E. Harold Munn for president three times but was unable to because they were not on the ballot in the state I was voting in at the time. They have had their intra-party squabbles like most minor parties but have still survived. Good for them! They are the only party in America who were given their party symbol by cartoonist Thomas Nast in the 19th century besides the Democratic donkey (actually, jackass) and the Republican elephant.

dniggemeyer1985 said...

Prohibition didn't work the first time.

Andrey Tumashov said...

Congratulations! I wish you new success! USA is a sober country!