Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New Kansas Registration Data

Ballot Access News

Kansas has released new registration data, for active voters. The numbers are: Republican 762,416; Democratic 419,307; Libertarian 15,694; independent and other 487,003.
The percentages are: Republican 45.26%; Democratic 24.89%; Libertarian .93%; independent and other 28.91%.
The percentages just prior to the November 2018 election were: Republican 45.93%; Democratic 25.15%; Libertarian .90%; independent and other 28.02%.
The new figures are not on the Kansas Secretary of state’s webpage. Kansas seldom posts voter registration data, and when it does, it only posts the number of active combined with inactive voters, with no ability to separate the two from each other. Thanks to Rod Hodgkinson for obtaining the new data.

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