Thursday, June 20, 2019

Virginia Constitution Party Disaffiliates From National CP

In a 3-2 vote yesterday, the Virginia Constitution Party disaffiliated from the National Constitution Party.  This follows the disaffiliations of the Idaho CP, the South Dakota CP and the Alaska CP, as well as the disbanding of the Montana CP.  The following statement was issued by Virginia CP Chairman John Bloom.


FWW said...

Doubtless, the response will be..."Just a flesh-wound!" (Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

FWW said...

Or, perhaps the Wizard of Oz, upon being denuded of pretense by the little pooch Toto: "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

Speaking of dogs: "Wheeeet! Wheeeet! Here, Blazek! Here, boy!"

John - CP MO said...

Hey Floyd!

Thanks for the invite.
I wasn't aware that you valued my opinion so highly or that you thought of me so often! I'm honored and flattered!

So, allow me to catch up..

It was a vote of 3-2 .. 5 whole people attended the Virginia state convention?
That's huge!!!
And, 3 people in Virginia are unhappy with the national Constitution Party.
Three? That's terrible.

Now, on to other observations -

It's interesting to see that the Virginia CP has no respect for intellectual property and is practicing copyright infringement.

Also noteworthy, the VA CP promoted itself to be "The Constitution Party" in their letterhead, with only a foot note style contextual reference to Virginia near the bottom.

Oh, and Floyd is apparently still sniffing around the garbage pile, looking for tidbits of scandal and taking opportunities to toss out childishly caustic and vulgar comments.

Floyd, your comments don't bother me. They show you for the child that you are. They simply demonstrate that, although you have nothing of value to add to the conversation, you can't resist inserting yourself into things that don't concern you. You left the Constitution Party. And yet, here you are in every post. You are fixated on us. It's actually rather unhealthy.

This disaffiliation announcement is not "yet another in a string". It is simply more of the same from a group that tried to take over and failed. And it makes a better sensation if you drag out the announcements over time.

It comes from the same group that announced the resignation of Randy Stufflebeam - and he is still active in the party. So that says something about the credibility and character of the group you are applauding. Then again, you sullied your own character when you demanded that your state be allowed to dictate how other states run their internal business - in defiance of their respective state laws and constitutions.

It's sad to see the members of Virginia tolerate the antics of their chair. He, like you, bullied enough members and sufficiently discouraged them to prevent them from attending or caring what happens with the VA & ID state parties.

Be blessed Floyd.
And, do please consider getting help with your unhealthy obsession with our party.
You said you moved on when you disaffiliated. .. perhaps you really should move on?

FWW said...

Less is more, is it?...hence "Just a flesh wound."

Predictable. To borrow from Blazek's rhetoric, a chihuahua such as himself just "can't resist" yipping. It's genetic. And so, Blazek himself yips:

"you can't resist inserting yourself into things that don't concern you."

Really? Hypocrite much? The humor is: I whistled, and true to form, here comes Blazek all a yipping and a yapping like THE Bogie Man wuz on the porch. I admit to the dark humor; it's kind of a sadistic Pavlov experiment.

Anyhow, here we are.

First, thankfully MY concerns are not dictated by a yipping ankle biter who apparently (much like the national CP) is at ease with getting rid of the 1st Amendment entirely ...'ceptin fo' hizsef' o'course.

Second, as for MY concerns, Mr. Bloom (Chairman CP-Virginia) is a peer and a friend. (I do realize that concept is entirely foreign to Blazek's breed.) I also consider Virginia as my mother state. Thus, my sarcastic comments regarding "Just a flesh wound! " are both merited...and (obviously) accurate.

"You left the Constitution Party," yips Blazek, still unable to resist the call of the wild. In every chihuahua there's a wolf, I'm led to believe. Yeah, and some leaves rustle in the wind, and Blazek is all over it. He's the alpha male in the national CP pack...making the Pavlov experiment all the more funny.

In any case, Balzek's wrong again. Much to his chagrin (and doubtless also an anathema to the national CP chair), I remain a member of the Constitution Party of Idaho. My demise has been greatly exaggerated...despite the national CP's attempts to sic its entire kennel of yippers upon us.

In the human world, officially, CP-Idaho considers CP-Virginia as a regional peer--state to state. Especially now, now that CP-Virginia is finally freed from the abuse by Blazek's massa. Actually, we considered calling the Humane Society; but figured Balazek gets what he deserves.

Anyhoo, I have no doubt that, over the 2020 election cycle, Idaho and Virginia will further our mutual "concerns" those expressed by a number of other state affiliates who are also "disaffected" by the national CP.

Ciao. And no, Blazek, that don't mean Purina. No go lay down.

NewFederalist said...

Wow! You just CAN'T make this stuff up!

FWW said...

Blazek is a waste of time, really. Lacking originality, he merely parrots lies and hearsay. For example, he once again repeats the deflective lie by the national CP that: "you demanded that your state be allowed to dictate how other states run their internal business - in defiance of their respective state laws and constitutions."

The following post copied here from Amer. 3rd Party Rpt. addressed this lie. I again ask strict proof from Blazek of this alleged "defiance of respective state laws".

He won't provide it, of course, because continuing the lie and mischaracterization by the national CP is useful to keep the cult followers uninformed and thus malleable.

Well, maybe they got away with using this accusation against CP-Idaho. But it damned sure is getting harder and harder to explain away South Dakota, Alaska, Montana and now Virginia...and perhaps others soon.

Blazek apparently wants to change Missouri's motto from "Show Me" to "Hearsay's Fine"...

"FWW said...
*Actually Floyd was on the losing side of a previous dispute.

So says Blazek.

Actually, CP-Idaho was asked by several members of the national CP executive committee what it would take to keep Idaho affiliate.

We laid out 10 conditions of reform before any discussion of could be possible. I will relist them...previous attempt to do so on Amer. 3rd Party Report was booted?]

Given that Blazek of CP-Missouri alleges (apparently based upon hearsay alone) "violations" of state law in these conditions (sent in response to a request by national executive committee members), I respectfully ask that the American 3rd Party Report webmaster retain the above links to the reform conditions sought by CP-Idaho.

Bottom line, the national CP has refused to reform.

Show me

May 14, 2019 at 6:29 PM"

FWW said...

* 5 whole people attended the Virginia state convention?

Knock, knock, knock!

Uh, Mr. Chihuahua?

You are aware, are you not, sir, that the votes were cast by the CP-Virginia State Central Committee, not by its state convention as you allege?

If you are not aware, then why not? I mean, after all, it's you who is pretending to be Mr. Exacto...ain't that right, Bark Bark?

Come on. Entertain us. Send us a truckload of Mexican excuses and a hat dance or two.

Cody Quirk said...

"It was a vote of 3-2 .. 5 whole people attended the Virginia state convention?
That's huge!!!
And, 3 people in Virginia are unhappy with the national Constitution Party.
Three? That's terrible."

Compared to the fact that many CP state affiliates have just as much- if not LESS -active members that actually participate at the meetings, these numbers are not that sub-par when it comes to the CP itself.

Even when I used to be a member of the CP's largest affiliate, the Nevada Independent American Party -which has about 60-70K registered voters in their ranks currently, still, at our state conventions we would have only 30-50 people show up (depending on the location in our state), and for the state central committee meetings, about a dozen to 15 people (also depending on the location of where it would be held) would show up for those.

The CPVA was always a smaller and less organized state affiliate compared to the Nevada IAP, since the IAPN has the Hansen family to keep it organized and running.
Yet mocking and belittling the CP's former Virginia affiliate here and elsewhere isn't going to help rebuild the national CP in Virginia, nor will it help grow what remains of the national CP either.

Cody Quirk said...

Floyd- you might need to space out your url links in your previous post in order for them to link to those sites.

Cody Quirk said...

It quite ironic... The national CP's biggest threat to it's 'success' and its own existence -is itself.
And that threat has been prevailing for a long time and isn't going to stop.

FWW said...

* you might need to space out your url links

Well, there's no edit button for me to do that, as far as I can tell. Or I would try it.

"spaced out" probably is the operative term in my case anyhow...

Cody Quirk said...

Yeah, even from my end I can't edit it either. :/ Just try to post the links here separately and make sure they're spaced out.

FWW said...

We laid out 10 conditions of reform before any discussion of could be possible.

FWW said...
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John Bloom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Bloom said...

The would have been UNANIMOUS, if I did not have a Frank Fluckiger MOLE in the CPV SCC as I found out Paul Provance the CPV Treasurer working behind my back with Frank and FORMER Vice-Chairman Trentt Corbett to coordinate a bogus Conference Call like Frank used the CPSD Vice-Chairman to UNDERMINE Lori Stacey's chairmanship, Frank tried to use them to undermine me and the CPV.

It took Paul seven months and this 3-2 vote to admit he helped set up this BOGUS Conference Call This was set up several months after Frank's "apology" letter which really was tipping off his co-consprators about his plans at the Wisconsin NCM, but admitted that National could only get involved at seating in an NCM. This Conference Call had not only National Chair Frank Fluckiger but two of his FLUNKIES, Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and Secretary Cindy Redburn not only taking SIDES in the internal affairs of the CPSD and now the CPV but had the OPPOSITION, Hubble's group present their side of the story. There could be no more BLATANT of a violation of the CP Bylaws and Constitution prohibiting National from getting involved in state affairs than this. I had absolutely no control over correcting the lies, as someone muted me, when I attempted to correct the myriad of lies. I'd like to know how John Blazek would have liked that to happen to him? Though many would like him to be MUTED.

I had Lori Stacey address the CPV SCC a few weeks earlier not to take sides, but to explain how Frank used the CPSD Vice-Chairman Joel Bergan to undermine Lori, as a WARNING to the CPV that Frank could do this to me and the CPV, and that is exactly what happened with Frank's use of Paul Provance. If I knew Paul did this, the CPV would not have even provided an NCM to the Wisconsin FIASCO!

John Bloom said...

Frank controlled Paul and Paul controlled another member of the CPV SCC this is how Frank CONTROLS the National NCM. Before the vote I prayed not for my will to be done but God's will to be done, and I would have resigned if the vote was 3-2 the other way, aligning the CPV with a VERY CORRUPT National party.

Cody Quirk said...

I posted that conf call to the latest article; it's quite relevant.