Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trouble In The Constitution Party: CPVA State Chair Talks About What Lead To Vote Of Disaffiliation

As stated by CPVA State Chair, John Bloom-
"In November I attended my first and last National Constitution Party Committee Meeting and left the meeting after they voted down a resolution in support of using Technology like the Internet, live streaming, Zoom or Free Conference Call to allow increased participation across the country, and the voted a resolution requiring people to be present at a National Committee Meeting in person in order to have a vote to change the CP bylaws. It cost me $1,000 to attend one of these NCMs and they have TWO WORTHLESS NCMs a year. 
"The very next day forme National CP Communications Director Gary Welch informed about Frank Fluckiger's action in removing the Chair of the Constitution Party of South Dakota and replacing her with Lora Hubble a REPUBLICAN. I was furious I spent $1,000 and corrupt actions by the CP National Chairman was not even mentioned, to me it was a COVER-UP. 
Voter registration form filled out by Lora Hubble

"Upon my return I contacted Lori Stacey, examined the information and invited Lori to address the CPV State Central Committee, NOT to take sides, but to warn members how Frank used the CP of South Dakota Vice-Chairman, Joel Bergan, to undermine her and the CPSD.   
"Ironically Frank used Paul Provance, the Treasurer of the CPV and Trent Corbett a FORMER CPV Vice-Chairman who RESIGNED a week or two earlier, to set up a bogus Conference Call which was in December 2018 several months after Frank's "apology" letter, which he stated that the National CP is prohibited from getting involved in internal affairs of a State Organization, which not only had National Chairman Frank Fluckiger, but the Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and National Secretary Cindy Redburn and they had Lora Hubble and Matt Johnson present their side of the "story", which Paul wanted to hear. The meeting was recorded by CP Southern Regional Chairman Ricardo Davis. Frank and his other co-conspirators did not receive any discipline by the National CP, just COVERED-UP their ILLEGAL ACTIVITY of ELECTION FRAUD. One member of the CPV SCC was led to believe that somehow the events in SD were related to the State assessment, which I paid last year and refused to pay this year. Someone lied to her about the meeting, and I do not know who, but I know it was not me. 
"So Lori's warning about Frank using members of a State Organization undermined my leadership and at the same time was a BLATANT VIOLATION of the National CP Bylaws and Constitution from having the National CP getting involved in the affairs of a state organization.   
"As a result of Paul's action, I had to reschedule a Conference Call in December to early January, where I was invited to speak at the Virginia Citizens Defense League Rally in Richmond, though it was 17 degrees, that delay cost us participation at that event. The person that caused me to delay the Conference Call wound up leaving the CP over this. Paul shows no signs of any CONTRITION or regret in his actions. I isolated the FLUCKIGER CANCER and stopped it's growth here in Virginia. 
"As the late Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know the rest of the story". This is what happens to honest people that dare enter politics, TRUST NO ONE!
* * *  
"Yesterday the Constitution Party of Virginia voted to disassociate from the National Constitution Party, Press Release and meeting minutes enclosed.
"I learned something new yesterday. The person that cast the deciding vote was a man who was with me from the beginning and voted for the CPV Bylaws but was his first CPV SCC Conference Call he participated in.
"After the vote was over he asked about what happened in South Dakota, and I told him, and then Paul Provance jumped in and mentioned Frank's letter of "apology" and then admitted he worked with the Former Vice-Chairman Trent Corbett to set up the bogus CPV SCC Conference Call. Then he kept on mentioning Frank's "apology" letter which I shared my screen and read the letter in which Frank stated that the CP Bylaws and CP Constitution prohibit the National Party to even be involved in State Party organizations. This Conference Call that Ricardo recorded was about four months after this letter, and not only was Frank involved, but so were Vice-Chairman Doug Aden and Secretary Cindy Redburn and they had the opposition organization present their case. There can be no more blatant violation of the CP Bylaws and Constitution. Paul continued to advance the lie that it was not a violation of those documents, and pointed out to him the involvement of THREE members of the National CP Executive Committee.   
"Paul also told me he did not betray me, or the CPV by going behind my back and helping schedule a meeting I had no control over, tell people not to attend and be LIKE FRANK, I refuse to do that and every time I attempted to correct the myriad of lies I was muted. I asked Paul who muted me and he told me to contact Ricardo because he recorded the meeting, but I asked him to do so and anyone with a smartphone could record a Conference Call. 
...Here is Frank's "apology" letter-
"Dear Lora, Gordon, Joel, and Lori: 
Saturday evening, July 28th there was a conference call of Executive Committee members of the national party to discuss the situation in South Dakota.  I was severely chastised (and rightfully so) by a number of the members of that committee for becoming involved in the controversy over who is the authorized state chairman of the Constitution Party in that state. The national party bylaws make it clear that the national party is not to interfere in the internal matters of the states.  
Even though I did not draft the letter that went out on July 13th, I did put my signature on that letter and should not have done so. Later, upon reading the bylaws of the South Dakota Constitution Party, it became clear that some of the information in the letter was incorrect.  I am sorry for any damage this interference in your affairs may have caused.  As a result of my having signed the letter I did both myself and the national party an injustice. It was a hard lesson learned and I sincerely apologize for the discord that has arisen from my having signed and sent out the letter.  
It is the responsibility of each state to resolve their own internal issues. The national party would only become involved if there was more than one delegation from a state that wanted to be seated at a national nominating convention or national committee meeting. The issue has brought forward information that was not previously known and it is my hope that the two parties will be able to arrive at a solution to the issues that have arisen. 
Frank Fluckiger"   
"As I continued to read Frank's letter of "Apology" I read these words: "It is the responsibility of each state to resolve their own internal issues. The national party would only become involved if there was more than one delegation from a state that wanted to be seated at a national nominating convention or national committee meeting." 
"I realized this was no "apology" letter this was Frank informing his co-conspirators what his plan was at the National Committee Meeting in Wisconsin, the Constitution Party of South Dakota was set up by Frank and the National CP way back in August of last year, and that the NCM decision on the CPSD was pre-planned, but the best Frank could have hoped for was NOT seating anyone from South Dakota as he knew the CPSD would do the right thing and disassociate from National. The MTCP disbanded and the CPV followed the CPSD and disassociated." 


FWW said...

"The national party bylaws make it clear that the national party is not to interfere in the internal matters of the states."

And yet the gentleman persists.

PS. I wonder whether the gentleman will ever apologize to CP-Idaho for intruding into our state party internal matters?

After all, it was that final surreptitious intrusion by the gentleman into CP-Idaho's internal affairs in June of 2018 (in yet another letter under his titular office as national chairman) which precipitated the vote of the Idaho State Convention to separate our now independent state party from what was and is obviously an unprincipled national executive junta.

FWW said...

Were CP-Idaho still affiliated with that unprincipled executive junta (via its rubber stamp national committee of groupie acolytes), we would recommend several changes to the national bylaws. We aren't; so therefore we could not care less...with a caveat.

As Mr. Bloom mentioned in CP-Virginia's formal letter announcing its disaffiliation from the national CP junta, some well intentioned people do remain in the national CP (even though they are becoming as rare as hen's teeth due to the inquisitional purge to get rid of them being practiced by the despot national CP executive committee).

To those "good" people remaining, for what it's worth, CP-Idaho might suggest:

(1) Repeal the unjustifiable national bylaws insertion which serves to consolidate power via the national chairman's provision to appoint five (5) voting executive committee members to serve at his pleasure. That stacks the deck and breeds a Boss Hog "Bwanna" junta mechanism...a banana republic political organization to be sure.

(2) Repeal the automatic inclusion (which incredulously has NO expiry) that current and former presidential candidates become voting members of the executive committee. Thereby rid the "clubbiness" of the secretive executive junta, the kickbacks and circular reinforcements of an insular and exclusive executive under no control of any kind...truth be told.

(3) Demand enforcement of SUNSHINE. Those remaining state affiliates (you know, the actual authority in the national party?) must call for the transcripts to each and every national CP regularly scheduled weekly executive committee conference calls. Without doubt whatsoever, all of those conference call proceedings must be detailed with explicit minutes and dispatched to the respective state chairmen in a timely manner for operational requirements.

(3)(a) The ONLY exclusion to transparent process are in those rare circumstances that pertain to employees, or to disciplinary actions and contract negotiations. These alone (under Robert's Rules--not that the clubby junta follows those either) can be considered "in camera".

(3)(b) Everything else--assuming the national CP does possess any alleged "Integrity"--must be open to accountability and oversight by the STATE AFFILIATES, and thus subject to review by the know...The People?

(3)(c) Mr. Chihuahua has YET to provide the published credentials committee report from Milwaukee. And that is, and should be, considered a routine matter of public record. But yet they continue to hide it...and much else besides.

(3)(d) Until the national CP club actually starts DOING integrity, and repents from its attempts to take everything it does into the darkness of cover up, NO ONE should consider voting for their junta candidates, or contributing a single thin red dime to their shadowy operations. The last thing this nation needs is more back room political control.

Open 'er up. Sunshine is a disinfectant. Fresh air is restorative.