Sunday, June 2, 2019

Constitution Party of Idaho: 'Silence of the Lambs'

Silence of the lambs?
Chairman Floyd Whitley

Published on the Idaho CP's website on May 22, 2019

Late winter and early spring, 2019, CP-Idaho Chairman Whitley took a sabbatical from the day to day provision of content for this website. It was an experiment, of sorts, to test whether anyone else would bother to step up and fill the void to furnish content. To date, no one has.
As widely known in the Idaho state party, Chairman Whitley has constantly called for material from our other state party leaders, candidates and our rank and file registered voters. He continues to do so.  It is unwise, and indeed probably unsafe, to rely upon a single individual to be the de facto voice of a ballot qualified state political party. To let somebody else take care of defending the rights and liberties for which this state political party stands is to be gullible at best.  Again, not every shepherd is what he or she appears to be. That “dependency” leads to a host of things, all of them bad.
For example, it encourages apathy and a lack of personal responsibility in taking up one’s duties and obligations required if we are truly an independent People assembled in a political association for the purpose of mutual interests. Worse, depending on “someone else” to do all the heavy lifting ultimately condones what it should condemn…for it can lead to a de facto establishment of personality-based politics. This is not, nor should it be, the “personal” party of the current Chairman. It is not now, and never should have been, about the person. It is about the policy.
As a state party, we have fought against this very kind of mentality–party insiders, elitism and cliquish control–so obviously ensconced in the national CP. Chairman Whitley again calls for your direct participation—in posting content and in contributing monies to support CP-Idaho and move this state party forward competitively, into viable and real self governance. Until a broader base of participation and financial support can be gotten from our registered rank and file voters in CP-Idaho, no amount of content by one man can provide the defense of what are our common rights.
The workload must absolutely shift from the shoulders of one man and be distributed to the shoulders of all of our 3,121 registered voters (May 2019) in this state party. By doing so, a far greater weight of true self-governance can be borne.
Wholly unlike the national CP, and indeed certainly unlike the Republicans and Democrats, CP-Idaho has never sought to become an elitist organization based upon personal identity, upon out-sized egos or selfish individual ambition. This state party’s purpose is to provide the citizenry a conduit through which they themselves can oversee their elected government, and become themselves the providers of accountable policy rather than to rely on “someone else”–lobbyists, dark money and dark principles–to do so for them. Automatic pilot is a most risky technique for the People to use in their own government.
In any case, the experiment in the production of content to this state party website has shown, beyond doubt, that should Chairman Whitley retire, the result is a silent ballot qualified state political party. YOU, the rank and file, cannot afford to let silence be the default. If that is the case, you do not have a state political party, not truly so.  If you truly believe that protecting and developing a viable alternative third party political voice as an option to the present duopoly is wise, then please, for the love of liberty, step up. Use the donation button below.  As little as $10 from each registered CP-Idahoan can establish a strong array of potential public venues for our 2020 campaigns–it would permit a statewide budget of over $30,000! Conversely, if one article was submitted for publication on this state website per every 100 CP-Idahoans each month, we would have fresh commentary and content for every day of the year.
The analogy has been used before. CP-Idaho should be considered as a backup generator, a fail safe should the power of the hobbled grid of the two corroded political parties—the Republicans and the Democrats—blow the circuits. Yet, even in such a backup role, maintenance is still required to make sure that our purpose—to stand for political liberty when the system does not—can be performed. If you trust the present government, the current duopoly political party in power, then by all means…do nothing.
Otherwise, Chairman Whitley again appeals to our registered voters. Do something!  Participate! Get involved!  Support this state party! If not, then as the experiment has proven, the net results of this exercise in self-governance will be…silence.
Godspeed Liberty,  
F.W. Whitley, Chairman,  
Stand Up • Stand Together.


NewFederalist said...

Nicely written. It's sad but usually true that alternative parties have too few people willing to help out. The other danger in addition to burnout on the part of the few (one?) who do the work is the ease with which some outsiders can seize control of the party for ballot access reasons. The Demorepublicrats count on apathy. Don't let them win by default.

FWW said...

Thanks. Something of a surprise. Presumably, Cody Quirk posted this article here from our website?...which is fine. The point made remains true.

Cody Quirk said...

"Published on the Idaho CP's website on May 22, 2019" -the article starts with that, including the url link to it.

FWW said...

Quirk, it's fine. Seriously, no prob. I was just surprised to see that particular article made it through the selection process.

NewFederalist said...

Selection process? Really?

FWW said...

*selection process

Meaning, how an article is picked to post or re-post here on Am. 3rd.

Still, surprised that it would be of interest, or selected, or considered...